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School newspaper presses ahead despite lockdown

A TEAM of dedicated young North-East journalists have overcome their school’s closure to publish their own newspaper.

When Hummersknott Academy, in Darlington, closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic along with the town’s other schools, it seemed unlikely that the latest edition of the Hummersknott Academical would be released on time.

However, through the hard work of the student news team and the dedication of Hummersknott’s staff, the fifth issue of the school’s popular student newspaper has been released digitally.

Head teacher James Keating said: “I’m immensely proud of our students for pulling together and refusing to let the global situation prevent them from going to press on time.

“Both the pupils and staff have been putting in a lot of work from home, and it has been really heart-warming to see how everyone has come together and supported each other.

“I’m very pleased that the team are taking both the paper and their wider ongoing education so seriously in these difficult and unprecedented times.”

In her leader column, newspaper editor and Year 10 student, Jessica Fairley, acknowledged that this had been a particularly difficult issue to produce, but credited her team for making it happen.

She wrote: “I am so proud that the newspaper has such an amazing team of students and staff behind it, and that in these difficult times, the Academical has can shine as a vital means of communication with pupils and parents.”

The newspaper includes student-written reports on the schools’ recent academic, social, and sporting achievements, accounts of current events from a young person’s perspective, fun activities to combat boredom, and more.

The latest edition of the Hummersknott Academical can be read digitally at:

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