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If we try to make an attempt to evaluate the hotel industry serving across the UK, we will have to first start by asserting that as per the records submitted in the last few years, the United Kingdom can be hailed as one of the leading contributors when it comes to assessing the total revenue generated by the chains of hotels similar to Calgary Hotels located in a country. But when it comes to curating a subjective approach to the matter there is a string of other factors that must be taken into consideration. From launching various unique initiatives to serving the intricate needs of the visitors, every bit adds up to establish the fact that the leading concern of the hotels is to create an all-round service encapsulating the essentials of hospitality.

  • Mental strain amongst employees

Recently, a hotel management company of Europe came up with a strapping strategy to look after the stress that often accompanies the hospitality business. From a study conducted in 2017, it was stated that about 74% of the total working employees were suffering from the usual stress and close to 26% of them had already fallen under the clutches of poor mental health. According to market experts, all that they are looking forward to that is likely to improve the health scenario of the country is certain influential changes within the hospitality sector. The fundamental cause of this mental depreciation lies in the certitude that the hotel management staff is often engrossed with taking care of their guests; in the meanwhile, they tend to forget that their wellbeing is crucial to the seamless functioning of the humungous project. Dedicating prolonged hours through the day mostly deprives them of their basic needs, for instance, sleep and timely meals that had a long due repercussion. But, the most fascinating component out of this whole study is that amidst the traditional humdrum the hotel industry of the UK has surpassed the expectations of the common public and proved worthy or every challenge hurled at it.

  • Statistics

When the employees were confronted with the reports of poor mental health amongst their contemporaries, most of them readily accepted that their roles and work culture have a huge role to play in this escalating number. 66.7% of the workers have imbibed anxiety that affects their performance, 50.8% are concerned with the aftermaths of failure, 37.9% aren’t very keen to enthusiastically take up new forms of challenges about self-doubt and underestimation, while the rest experience constant stressful breakdowns because of their surroundings.

  • Potential solution

Another drawback that the hospitality chain of the UK has managed to abolish is the rate of unemployment. With the inception of brand new hotels and its subordinates, the number of people working for the same has inevitably increased; also, students have started taking a keen interest in pursuing their careers in hotel management and a result the gap social and economic circles are narrowing by the day. Nevertheless, accommodating so many employees in the same sector also comes with an array of ordeal which if mismanaged can lead to graver consequences than one would imagine. To improve both mental and physical health quality along with the efficiency of the workers, several hotels have taken up wellness practices aimed at enhancing the cognitive strength of its employees and encouraging their active engagement in the exercise. In these setups, the employees working in the hotels are educated with informational lessons concerning personal finance, budget, nutrition and the ways to a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, there are a few other campaigns too, that are focused on helping the employees to give up their smoking habits and open doors for them to get involved with the local communities.

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