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Speak a New Language: 9 Interesting Benefits of Being Bilingual

In the US, around 75% of people only speak one language.

By speaking just one language, we miss out on a huge range of unexpected benefits. In this article, we’re exploring the benefits of being bilingual.

By the time you’ve finished reading, we bet you’ll be downloading Duolingo or picking up your high-school Spanish books once more. Let’s get started:

1. Guaranteed Increase in Career Options

With so few of the population speaking a second language, you are much more likely to stand out as an interesting prospect if you are bilingual.

Furthermore, you can apply for jobs when others don’t even have a look in! For example, translation work, client service associate work, flight attendants, or language teachers.

It can take anywhere between six months and three years to learn a new language depending on how much effort you put in. Best get started!

2. Gain a New Perspective

In order to understand the world and those in it better, you don’t need to walk a mile in their shoes but learn their language instead. It may take longer, but it’s worthwhile!

In fact, it’s been found that bilinguals see the world differently to those who are monolingual.

Furthermore, you may feel like a different person in your second language! For example, you may be funnier in French than in English, or more assertive in Mandarin. You’ll have to learn to uncover your new personality.

3. Boost Your Problem-Solving Skills

With learning a new language comes an increase in mental abilities. For example, your problem-solving skills, multitasking, and creativity will see an improvement!

As a result, you’ll become a much better employee and business owner. You’ll be able to enjoy more creative pursuits, and you’ll get a lot more done!

4. Ward off Alzheimer’s

As our life expectancy increases, so does the risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Researchers have found that if you do not exercise your brain on a daily basis, then you are more at risk of losing your memory.

If you begin learning a new language, no matter how old you are, then you will see an improvement in your cognitive abilities.

While you’re listening to a language learning podcast, why not also work out your body which will also reduce your likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s.

5. Enhance Your Travel Trips

When traveling the world, it is easy enough to muddle along with English. But, this will only let you see so much.

When you speak the local language, people are more willing to invite you into their homes, show you the local delights, and share their culture.

Better yet, you’ll find that you are more likely to make new friends who you simply wouldn’t have been able to chat with without a common language.

When traveling with a local, you will truly understand the culture. Better yet, you can go out and listen to music and understand every word!

6. Learning a Third Language Becomes Easier

The process of learning a second language can be very frustrating. You’ll have days where it feels easy and others where you want to give up completely.

But, it’s true that once you’ve become fluent in your second language, you’ll find learning a third language much easier!

When it comes to learning a fourth or fifth language, you’ll be laughing! So, while struggling through an hour of learning, just think about the rewards.

7. Become More Attractive

Yes, you read that right. It turns out that monolinguals find bilinguals super attractive! In fact, over 70% of people think someone who speaks a second language is better looking.

Therefore, if you’re setting up an online dating profile and speak a second language, make sure to mention it in your bio! You’re likely to get more matches.

Better yet, you will be more attractive to other native speakers of your second language. Dating a native speaker is a great way to improve your own language skills. It’s a win-win!

8. Teach Your Kids a Second Language

If you have kids, why not learn another language with them? Not only will you benefit from learning, but so will your kids.

It’s well known that children learn languages faster and more easily than adults. Your child may enjoy the competitive aspect of learning with you!

When you’ve learned your second language to a proficient level, try to plan a few trips so that your child can have the opportunity to be immersed.

This may involve traveling with your child, or it could instead mean meeting up with local kids who also speak this language.

Becoming fluent will take some time, but if your child can see the benefits of learning themselves, they are more likely to stick with it!

9. You’re Actually in the Majority

Aside from people in the USA, it’s believed that around three-quarters of the world’s population speaks a second language.

In fact, there are many countries where there is not just one national language. In South Africa, there are 23 official languages.

Here, in order to get by, it’s important to learn more than just your mother-tongue so that you can speak with your neighbors, friends, and teachers!

Need More Benefits of Being Bilingual?

If you’re wondering whether there are any other benefits of being bilingual, then you’ll need to learn a second language to find out for yourself!

Language is a deeply personal thing. It reveals so much of our personality and we use it on a daily basis.

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