Newburn in Newcastle is soon to be the home of an exact replica 1:1 scale of the worlds most common aircraft, the Boeing 737-800 NG.

Opening early next year, impressively all of the components within the simulator are made to the exact scale and functionality of the real aircraft bringing the highest level immersion simulator available on the fixed based market, to the North East.

A complete 220 degree field of view wrap around screen gives the highest level of realism available and, although simulators are available in the North of England, they lack the true scale and realism of an actual commercial airline cockpit.

The 737 Experience, set up by aviation enthusiast Anth Fitches, has a vision of bringing an affordable but highly realistic experience to the region for those who have ever wondered what it must be like to fly a 65 tonne aircraft. The aim is to do it whilst ensuring it is educational, inspiring and fun.

Talking about the upcoming opening Managing Director Anth enthused, “The whole team is excited about bringing this industry leading simulator to the North-East. I’m sure lots of people will remember those sims at fair grounds when they were young. They’d be stunned at how far the tech has come since and having this particularly high level machine here in Newcastle now gives people the perfect chance to fully experience the view from the cockpit.”