Teesside Lions are pleased to announce a partnership with the International Study Centre (ISC) to expand the provision of basketball for its students including entry into the popular Friday night Tribal League.

The agreement will involve three new teams being entered into the Senior Tribal League along with access to both structured and recreational basketball sessions for students.

Sophie Holland-Francis, Student Experience co-ordinator for the ISC is pleased to enhance the student offering with basketball, adding:

“Last year a large number of our students were interested in basketball, so we were keen to explore opportunities to enhance this enrichment opportunity with the assistance of James (Thomson) and the Teesside Lions.

“The proposal submitted by Teesside Lions ticked all the boxes for us and our students. It is great knowing that we have experts involved to ensure our students are enjoying first class sessions and competitions.”

The ISC operate from the former Durham University complex at Queens Campus in Stockton and provide a one year course to  around 800 International students, mainly from China, Dubai and India.

James Thomson, Chairman & Head Coach of Teesside Lions said:

“As a club we are pleased we can provide a solution for ISC in terms of creating playing opportunities for their students. This partnership will enable us to expand the Senior Tribal League from six teams to nine with another three potential teams interested externally.

“This is good, not only for the ISC students, but also the existing teams who can look forward to more teams to play against.

Teesside Lions have been based at Queens campus for more than four years and centre manager; Perri Anderson has given the partnership approval, stating:

“Teesside Lions are our biggest customer and we are pleased to see how successful their club has grown over the years. This partnership is a great opportunity for all parties and we are happy to support it.”