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The bejewelled fantasia world of ornaments and their beauty

The world is a beautiful place. So is the woman – the finest creation of the creator. The need or wish to beautify, accentuate the inner beauty a woman possesses, is long accepted in society and by women themselves. It has been observed for centuries, in ancient civilizations and in modern day times – this has been a constant. Through all ages and eras, all religious beliefs, dominating doctrines and rulers- the practice of decorating oneself and the surrounding, has been observed in women. Every kind of material has been put into  use as the source or basic material for jewellery making, be it wood, clay, or metals like gold and silver or metalloids. Hence, we aren’t surprised when a brilliant display of ornaments catches our eye, from a display of a shop at any corner of the world, even today.

The magical world of dream pieces

One’s beauty is essentially first and foremost in their thoughts, be it a man or woman, which radiates as our inner beauty and brings a glow on our faces. We are obviously open to enhancing our external appearance by adding accessories. That is what, jewellery is essentially. Accessory, which enhances our brightness, makes our light shine more. Now, just as women have various occasions and pieces to adorn for gracing themselves, so does a man. He is often times gifted by his lady love or other lady’s in his circle/life – who gift those pieces like tie-pins, stud or such small yet intricate pieces of jewellery. They are even seen to wear and display chains, rings etc. with élan and comfort, just as their female counterparts. When we think about jewellery, first thing that one notices, is the material it is made up of.  The most preferred material is gold. Next comes silver, and yes platinum is also preferred to be a medium on which several gemstones and diamonds etc. are set in exquisite patterns and designs, to make beautiful  jewellery. It has been such, for a long time now. Basically, this is the jewellery or ornament story in our lives.

Once struck, always enchanted

Ask a woman what she likes most, more often than not – the answer will be one or other piece of jewellery that she holds very close to her heart or wishes to possess. Many a stories and tales have been spun on this department itself, and the world literature is strewn with pieces as beautiful as any magnanimous jewellery itself. Hence, we can safely say that most women do like decking up, if not all. There have been and are exceptions to the rule, always, but that does not rule out the majority or the norm.  It is actually a pleasure to behold a well-crafted piece of jewellery, worked upon by a master craftsman and given the finest polish to radiate finesse so enchanting, that the lady wearing it also glows. The mark of a good piece of jewellery or asset comes from being crafted from a good house of jewellers, who have been in the business, preferably for generations now. Waman hari pethe jewellers earrings is a sight to behold, being such an example. The wide range of ornamental pieces they house for different occasions of life or for religious offerings and so on is commendable and unbelievable unless one really experiences it for themselves.

The unusual yet pretty scenarios

Sometimes, if we think of a jewellery piece, we tend to visualize chunky pieces, which are uncomfortable and not practical enough to be worn on an everyday basis. This is not really acceptable for girls or women who are going out for their jobs or businesses. The most preferred piece of jewellery for them is a beautiful, intricate piece of earring. This completes the look in a jiffy and matches with any kind of look one may sport, be it ethnic or western. Small yet creative design is enough to light up an already picturesque face, with a brighter hue. Although some do prefer to wear a gold chain or bangles and even rings on their fingers – an earring will always manage to get into the repertoire of a woman, whatever age group she may belong to! That is the beauty of jewellery; it manages to bring a smile on each and every person’s face. One can easily pamper themselves by ordering from an online shop and gift them what they love, in case one doesn’t receive gifts otherwise! An immense variety of designs and material choices are available for cute yet pretty jewellery pieces like an earring. Nose pins, trinkets, and others follow suit.

Beauty with an edge to go gaga on

We have different theories, suggestions and talks going on in the world, on woman empowerment. Should a woman be flashy and shallow only to focus on her external beauty? Why is it necessary to conform to world standards and just keep repeating the norms that have been going on for ages now! Why won’t women break free and leave all this idea of dressing up or down, for that matter? The argument can go on for, as I said, ages. Let the doctrines flow. There’s no harm in that as long as it isn’t physically harming anybody. That being said, it really does not harm anyone, if a little bling is added in the form of a beautiful gold earrings wamanharipethe, in attire that was already fabulous. WHP, one of the leading jewellers, offers trendy yet classic collection of gold earrings. Any woman can, and should just be herself. Dress the way she wants and bling up her attitude and attire, if need be so! This is a free, fluid age. Hence, not only a woman but also men can pick and flash their favourite piece of jewellery as per their wish and of course budget. Yes, one has to also think of the budget, and it is said that investing in gold jewellery is quite a good move which one can also consider!

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