Nowadays nearly every famous person has that “perfect” smile. When they smile you can see their teeth are straight, nicely shaped with a beautiful colour. But how do they obtain this? Can someone be born with it? Not really no. Unless that person was lucky in the first place where their teeth just came out properly without any problems and that person naturally had that colour, no, you can’t be born with it.

Celebrities tend to go to dentists that are also quite popular and get this procedure done and spend a lot of money. What does this procedure consist of? Well, if the teeth are already nicely shaped and straight(which can be done with braces) they get their teeth whitened.

However, a lot of people tend to not have “straight” teeth. So, the teeth get filed down for crowns. You may wonder “what are crowns?”, Dental crowns Turkey are usually called dental caps. This is a form of restoration as well as done for aesthetic reasons.

Crowns usually cover the whole of the tooth. Once their teeth are filed down, they get temporary teeth till their crowns are made. There are 3 types of crowns to choose from:

  • Metal based crowns
  • Zirconium crowns
  • EMAX crowns

Your dentist will tell you the differences and which one suits you.

Imagine that you stopped smiling because you started noticing imperfections in your mouth, like the colour of your teeth, the size, the shape. Naturally your confidence would be affected. You look at the packages the dentists offer and notice that the prices are very high. Well in this case we suggest you have a look at Turkey. The prices are way more affordable than in the UK, EU and USA prices. You also can get a holiday out of it.

“Changing your smile is literally changing your life

These are few of the celebrities that also felt that their teeth needed doing:

Nicolas Cage

You can see the change for yourself. The colour, the shape and everything looks good. Yes he now has fake teeth but they don’t look “fake”.  

Celine Dion

The woman with the voice of an angel and also gorgeous teeth! As you can see on her before photo, she didn’t have the best of teeth to begin with. But now her teeth also match her voice. From the looks of it, she also had a bit of gum contouring, also known as gingivoplasty.

What do you think? It isn’t all that bad is it? In the old days, the “fake” teeth that people had did look bad. Even the expensive ones were bad. Yet, celebrities still had them in their mouths. However, now that the technology has come to a point where technicians can create teeth that look as if people were born with them is just amazing. Unless you have seen the before photos, sometimes it is near impossible to say who has had crowns.

Turkey is one of the most popular countries for dental treatments due to affordable prices and quality services. Just do good research, and be open to suggestions. You may want the exact smile of a celebrity but because your mouth is different, it may not look 100% the same.