• Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

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The UK’s leading supplier of Office fruit has now launched in Ireland.

For more than 10 years, Fruitful Office has been delivering high-quality fresh fruit to workplaces across England, Scotland and Wales. With more than 5,000 regular customers, they recently announced that they now deliver throughout Dublin and the rest of the Republic. Many Irish office workers are now experiencing the benefits of having fresh fruit available in their staff kitchens.

Fruitful Office specialise in the delivery of fruit to offices and other workplaces – they don’t for example deliver to private clients, and they never ask any of clients to collect their fruit baskets. Simply place your order and they take care of everything else.

By using Fruitful Office, your staff can realise the health benefits that come with different types of fruit. Regular Fruitful Office deliveries could even improve their performance in the workplace!

Chemicals found in Fruitful Office’s baskets Positive effects of these chemicals The fruits in which they are found
Pectin This is an antioxidant which may reduce the risk of developing cancer Apples
Vitamin A Can protect vision – very useful given that many jobs involve staring at computer screens for long periods. Also aids cell reproduction, and so can alleviate skin dryness – extremely important if your office is air-conditioned. Apples, Peaches, Strawberries
Procyanidin B-2 Can alleviate a number of ageing-related problems Apples
Natural sugars These can boost energy, helping your staff get through a long and demanding working day. They can also stimulate the brain – and it’s easy to see how being able to think faster and recall information quickly can help people when at work. Bananas, Grapes
Potassium Controlling blood pressure Bananas, Peaches
Trypotophan This is a protein that the body converts into serotonin, and it can improve people’s mood Bananas
Melatonin Can improve sleeping patterns, which can be very useful if work stresses might otherwise keep people awake. Cherries
Quercetin Can reduce the risk of cancer Cherries
Vitamin C Can boost your staff’s immune system, reducing the chances of you having to cope with mass absences when the seasonal flu strikes Clementines, Satsumas, Peaches, Strawberries
Vitamin B1 Helps reduce stiffness and fatigue Clementines, Satsumas
Fibre Can improve digestion and regulate cholesterol and sugar levels. Can also limit the amount of sugar in the bloodstream Figs, Pears
Phyto-chemicals Can boost the immune system and reduce the chances of your staff being laid low by the many bugs which always seem to be circulating within workplaces Grapes
Reservatrol This is a powerful anti-oxidant in the skin and seeds of grapes that can improve circulation and protect the skin from wrinkles Grapes
Anti-oxidants Can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Plums
Fructose, glucose and carbohydrates Can stop your staff getting tired and thus improve their concentration when at work. Pears

If you’re sitting on the fence about incorporating fruit baskets into your office then take the plunge today and start taking advantage of the myriad of benefits to be had!

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