Cheese needs to breathe to stay fresh for longer in the fridge. Plastic wrapping suffocates this delicious food product. It further leads to moldy, wet, and eventually, wasted cheese.And worst of all, it can start tasting like real plastic! So, if that’s not exactly something one is going for, what is? Fresh cheese is always a treat to the plate. But, storage of this milk product can be complicated. How about making it simple?Keep scrolling for the best way to wrap cheese

How to store cheese the right way?

If cheese is wrapped in a plain sheet, it won’t work because all the moisture escapes. So, the Parmesan or other cheese will become rock solid and dry out. In the ideal method for cheese storage, there’s a perfect balance. Air flows through it, so there’s no dehydration. 

Cheese storage bags available in the market are useful in storing this food item. But a low-cost solution is mentioned below. It functions the same way as specialty bags and is simple to make.

Here’s what’s needed. A parchment paper or cheese paper, a marker, masking tape, and scissors. Cheese goes without saying.

Cut the parchment sheet

Take out a large square of the wrapping paper. It is usually recommended that the paper be cut into a size 2-3 times that of the cheese. So, that keeps it on the safe side. Make sure the thicker end is at the corner. And the thinner part should point towards the center. 

Wrap the cheese

Over the fat part of the cheese, fold the corner. Make a crease and then flatten the paper along one side. It is similar to wrapping a gift. 

Next, pull the flattened side tightly across the entire piece. It is among the best ways to wrap cheese. On the opposite side, too, repeat the process. However, ensure that the paper is firmly pulled. 

Crease and wind up

From the end of the cheese, crease the part that’s sticking out. Then, pull it towards the thicker section. And bravo! Secure the expertly wrapped, amazing cheese package using tape. Ensure to write the name of the cheese. 

So, it’s easier to identify without opening the wrapper. Also, that lets one know how long the cheese pack has been in the refrigerator. And nothing gets stale. Great, isn’t it! 

Another way

If the baking parchment paper isn’t available, one can always use waxed paper. It can store cheese hydrated for a long time. Then, keep the cheese in a plastic container. The wrapping method is the same as mentioned above. 

Make sure the lining is a J-cloth or a dampened kitchen towel. Finally, clap over the lid. Store it in the topmost section of the fridge. Here’s where the temperature is mostly constant. 


So, the best way to wrap cheese isn’t in paper or plastic. But a parchment paper or waxing sheet is thankfully always available. Also, the fridge should be the final storage spot. Never let the cheese pack stay outside (on a kitchen shelf). And don’t forget to name the pack! Is it gorgonzola or mozarella?