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These 6 Horror movies on Netflix are so scary that you can’t finish them.

Ever thought of what extreme horror movies go to just to give us a scare? Sometimes they elevate the scare that it may be too much to handle for some lighthearted people.  Some horror movies are so scary that viewers, including grown-ups, have developed night terrors.

The combination of suspenseful music and the sinister sounds in the movies tend to mess with one’s head. The graphics behind the casting are so extreme that they are always mistaken for reality. The scenes get so vivid that all that is left is to turn off your device and pray for a good night’s sleep. Especially if you use WinX DVD Ripper so you can watch over and over.

Who other than Netflix can bring you these scary movies? They have a catalog full of the best horror movies to watch on Netflix UK for those who want to test their tolerance and adrenaline control with the movies. The following are the six horror movies on Netflix that are so scary I bet you can’t finish.

Piranha (2010)

This movie goes first on our list. The story was set in Arizona on Lake Victoria. The spring breaks bring unwanted guests in the water, where most of the young revellers have come for the annual spring party. A geological disturbance in the floor of Lake Victoria releases prehistoric flesh-eaters called piranhas.

The intelligence of the prehistoric shoal of fish in the waters causes the worst events in the lake, devouring other fish and anyone a few meters in the water, exactly where the Spring party is going down. Sheriff Julie is unsuccessful in warning the people out of the waters, and soon events turn sideways. The waters turn red to the bloodiest scene by the razor-toothed fish.


The Platform (2019)

What more for the deadliest scare than hungry people turning against each other? The plot involves a nightmarish prison shaped like an abyss hole with a cell of two people on each level. The prisoners get only two minutes of feeding time a day and what is there to feed on is the remains of the prisoners above.

The first levels are more advantageous because the food platform reaches them with fresh food. Leftovers characterize the middle levels. The lower platforms are horrific, the inmates turning against each other, becoming starved killers and cannibals. The terror in the plot makes it more terrifying, especially in the lower zone where survival is for the fittest.


It Comes at Night (2017)

A deadly threat of a terrifying sickness terrorizes the world. A family settles in their wood cabin cutting off communications with anyone else to be safe. Their lives are disturbed after the arrival of a family looking for food and shelter. Paul and Sarah welcome them in to live with them, after ensuring they haven’t contracted the deadly disease.

A creature whose form is unknown visits during the night tests how long the two families can coexist in the house. The effect is tension between the two families and the families going to extreme heights knowing the enemy could be anyone. Now with the families against each other, will they fight this unknown creature that comes at night?


The Conjuring 2 (2016)

The movie will surely leave you with shivers if you don’t end up in screams. Ed and Lorraine, paranormal investigators, travel to London to help a single mother with four kids fight their haunted house’s demons.

A demon possesses Peggy Hodgson’s second eldest child, who tells her of its intention. But, then, something even more terrifying and unexpected happens; the demons turn even against the two investigators. The battle against the innocent and evil sets off, and the haunting scenes and sounds will scare your wits out.


Bird Box (2018)

A worldwide terror forces a mother of two to flee a long way in search of safety. A malicious unseen force terrorizes everything that gets visual contact with it. People, therefore, have to travel blindfolded.

Her journey is difficult as it involves a long journey along and across a river. She has to carry her two children all the way. Blindfolded and defenceless, the family sets off on the journey. On their way are events that will leave you shaking, fearing for the family’s life. If you want to test your wits, this is the scariest horror movie to watch.


The Exorcist (1973)

A preteen daughter of Hollywood actress Chris McNeil gets possessed by a mysterious entity. Various physicians try to battle her behaviour and the physical effects the demon has on the girl.

An inexperienced priest, Father Damien, battles with his mother’s terminal sickness and despite his efforts to pray for divine intervention. He is the only hope Chris has left to save her daughter Regan. With help from another priest, Father Damien’s only option is to perform the twisted purification rite that will get rid of the spirit possessing Regan in their hope.

The aftermath of the ritual is the scariest scene ever made of a horror movie.



If horror movies fall under your favourite genre, a good scare will do good to get you thrilled. Netflix UK has many horror movies you can watch. The films on this list are also available. But if you want to test your wits on how much you can handle, the horror movies in the list will provide just that. Many people have had frights after watching them. 



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