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Tips For Choosing A Warehouse Office Space

ByDave Stopher

May 12, 2020

When deciding on getting into the office-warehouse space you need to take into account certain things.  Things such as if the warehouse is going to be purchased by you or if you are going to rent.  Keep in mind that commercial buildings are different from residential ones.  There are codes that must be met and maintained as well as parking lots and other parts of the building.  If you are new to the office warehouse space, you might want to consider renting first to get a feel for it.  After all you are running a company and don’t really need to take on more responsibilities all at one time.  Try out your idea in a rental and if it is a go and you want to take on that risk and more responsibility, then you can always do that later. Also, Bonded Ware house is one of the best option that make your transport or logistics business simple to store your products safely.


When you are looking for an office warehouse, you need to keep in mind the size that you are going to need now, but also the size you will need later. Remember, the idea of business is growing. So, ensure there is plenty of space to grow.  Commercial office buildings usually are pretty wide open, which allows you to set up your office in a variety of ways.  Keep in mind what sort of feel you want throughout your office.  Things such as large windows and greens will promote a more healthy office. People like to work in offices that have these things versus the offices that are long cubicles that they never seem to get out of.

Take in account the workers.

When you are looking for an office warehouse be sure you do take into consideration your workers.  Yes, they are a big component of your success, and having an office that they love to come into is important.  Be sure that you have ample room for them to take a break in and refrigerators and coffee makers to make fresh coffee every day and store their lunch.  These simple and very low-cost things are something that keeps a worker happy and content.  But, they aren’t always on the radar of business owners, for whatever reason.

If your company sells things and will need a space for physical products as well as an office, keep that in mind as well.  Although the office space may have nice windows and decor.  A warehouse setting is completely different.  Still, you want to have clean floors and nicely painted shelves.  Make everything look and feel clean and professional.  Have all your shelves neatly lined and labeled is important as well as some way to do inventory.  Inventory is something that is very important to a business and keeping track of it is one of the most important aspects.  So, be sure you find a system that will work for both the warehouse and the office staff in the front.  You want to have everyone working together as a team in order for your office warehouse to work as it should.