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It is no longer news that a great percentage of us are living in debt. Whether it is business debt, student loans, or personal debt, it doesn’t really matter because eventually they all carry the same psychological impact. However, the weight of the debt you carry determines how burdened you become, and how focused you are on getting out of debt. Don’t get me wrong, it is not absolutely wrong to borrow, especially when you are borrowing for a purpose that is right for you. But, we cannot deny the consequences it has on us when we are unable to repay. Well, if you are one of those who are genuinely tired of living in debt, then what you need isn’t counselling or advises; rather, you need help with debt. In this light, we’ve collected a few basic steps that are sure to get you out of any debt you find yourself.


Most times, we are actually a lot creative than we take credit for. So, whenever you think you are tired of living debt, look within and try out something new. Do you have some items that are already becoming surplus to requirements, so many gifts lying dormant in your apartment, or a few items you can actually do without. There is no better time to put these things to use than now. You can visit some online stores and sell these things. You will be surprised to know how much these things are worth, and if only you had sold them sooner maybe you wouldn’t have needed to borrow in the first place.

Put your work bonuses to good use

If you are lucky enough to work in a corporate firm or a job where you receive paychecks, now is the time to become more industrious and active. Many of these organizations reward hard-work and diligent employees on different occasions. If you are lucky to work in this type of setting, you might want to tap into this opportunity, and once you start receiving the bonuses, do not forget to put them towards your debt. This is a highly effective step to getting out of debt.

Use a debt management program

Different debt management programs are out there waiting for you to tap into them. These schemes offer you a structured repayment plan. If you find it hard keeping up with your monthly payments, it would be best for you to seek another improved method of payment, which is why these programs are the right options. They work with your creditors to increase your payment duration to a longer term, maybe 5 years. A typical program, like write off debt UK, can help you reduce your rates to an affordable amount. However, you will need to ensure you don’t default on your payments though as there could be penalties involved. However, this should be easy to achieve as the program offers you an easy consolidated form of payment.

Do not stick with the minimum

Even if you have a minimum monthly amount you pay, it wouldn’t be so bad if you can pay more than this. After all, the more you pay, the faster you can pay off your creditors. So it is highly advisable to pay more than the minimum payments whenever you can afford to.

Use your expenses

Yes, you read that correctly! It is true that even debtors live a normal life of daily expenditures, which means even if you owe debt, you are still going to spend on some of your daily needs and wants. Why not get the money to pay your debt from these expenses? Ask me how! You will amazed at how much you can realize from cutting transportation cost when you trek to work daily rather than taking a bus, when you cook at home rather than visit the cafe, when you stick to your local channels rather than use the cable. Remember, debt payment isn’t forever, and you only need to be disciplined for an amount of time, after which you can get back to your luxurious life if you can afford to. Take a sit and take a pen, make a list of your daily personal expenses and see which ones you can adjust and which ones you can remove. Finally, never forget the purpose for doing this – to save up to pay your monthly debt obligation!

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