When it’s time for your little one to start feeding themselves, introduce the Baby To Love Meal Set into their tea time to help gain some autonomy and offer new learning types during meal time.

Comprising of a subtle nod to the animal kingdom including a whale shaped bowl, a penguin fork and a polar bear spoon helps entertain and encourage your little one to eat. Thanks to its manageable, small handle, little one’s can easily grasp the bowl. Meanwhile the spoon and fork which accompanies the set are designed with a safe guard which allows easy handling and limits the risk of your baby getting dirty. The Baby Meal Set (Pink Whale, Blue Whale) is available to buy online for £14.95 fromBabyToLove.

As the months go by and your baby gets stronger, learning to coordinate their movements, each child evolves at there own rhythm but on average, a baby can hold their spoon at around 10 months, drink in a baby cup from around 1 year and feed themselves from around 18 – 24 months. 

With that in mind Baby To Love recommends taking two spoons, one for them and one for you. Let your baby attempt to bring the food to his mouth, then feed them with your spoon – saving time without causing frustration. Next up putting the food in a bowl with a handle that baby can grab, with specially designed baby cutlery makes things a lot easier, we couldn’t recommend the Baby Meal Set from Baby To Love enough. Then ensure your baby is sat at an appropriate height for eating, we suggest the EasyUp Baby Booster, (£29.95 from BabyToLove) so they can feel involved comfortably eating with the rest of the family. Then relax and be patient, it could get messy, but this is all part of the game! Just be sure to protect your baby’s clothes with the Long Sleeve Waterproof Smock (£14.95 from BabyToLove) that is easy to wash. Don’t forget to continue to encourage and congratulate your baby with every mouthful!

For over 10 years, specialising in creation of original, innovative and trend led baby products providing a helpful hand throughout every moment of your baby’s life, look no further than BabyToLove. Designed and developed in France BabyToLove are committed to the quality and safety of their products, to achieve only the best results.