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Top 10 Gifts For Her


Oct 4, 2016

1. Corkcircle Colour £15.00 from Root 7

“Bring colour to your table with our innovative yet very nifty Corkcicle Colour. Keeping your wine chilled has never been so simple, just insert your Corkcicle.”

The bright Corkcicle Colour range maintains your wines at the perfect temperature from the inside out. Prior to use pop your colourful wine gadget into the fridge for two hours and you are ready to rock ‘n roll. Red lovers, it will work for you too. The Corkcicle Colour can also bring down the temperature of a warm red wine, just place it in the freezer for less time.

The Corkcicle colour is available in four awesomely fantastic colours; Blue, Green, Pink and Orange.

2. Lumber C Mood Lamp £79.99 from The Fowndry

Shaped like a miniature lighthouse the innovative and beautifully designed Lumir C Candle-Powered LED Mood Lamp cleverly uses nothing more than a tealight as an energy source to power a LED bulb.

Yes, we know — technically, the candle is going to put off light on its own. But there’s a big difference between the luminance of a votive and the light sources inside the light.

Thanks to something called the Seebeck effect, a large heatsink above the candle absorbs all the thermal energy coming off the flame and turns the temperature difference between the hot and cold air into thermoelectricity. 

3. Corkcicle Canteen available from £20 from Root 7

“Enter the new era of the Corkcicle Canteen. A glass that can venture where no other dare go.”

The triple-insulated stainless steel comes with easy-grip flat sides and a non-slip bottom. You can now keep your drinks cool for up to 25 hours and your hot beverages warm for up to 12.

The Canteen, an explorer in its own mind, comes in multiple sizes and colours. Available in Small (235ml), Medium (473ml) and Large (710ml). It also comes in an array of vibrant finishes including pink, copper and turquoise. Pick your colour and size, then let the adventure commence.

4. Nail Clippers £54.99 from The Fowndry

A cut above the rest. Introducing the world’s first (and only) ergonomically correct nail clippers – exclusive to the Fowndry.

The first ever award winning ergonomically correct nail clippers in a stylish design created to be on show with increased leverage and improved control.

5. Citrus Zinger Sport Gift Pack £20 from Root 7

Customize your infused water with the Citrus Zinger Gift Set!

This set includes the classic citrus press, as well as the slicer and kiwi reamer attachments, so you have versatility to make a flavor combination that Zings! This gift set includes all 3 attachments:


Press, twist and infuse lemons, limes, and clementines directly into your water. Detoxify and alkalize your body with deliciously flavored citrus drinks.


Cool down and hydrate your body by adding thin slices of cucumber to your water. Simply press and turn the cucumber against the slicer to enhance our water with a ribbon of fresh flavor.


Create a sweet, silky, tropical flavored infusion to bring your taste buds to the beach every day. Release kiwi juices, pulp, and seeds while keeping the skin intact and pith in place

6. Gin & Tonic Box £44.99 from The Fowndry

The all in one kit to making your own homemade blend of gin in just 36 hours, all you need to add is the vodka.

7. Aqua Zinger £25.00 from Root 7

“Drinking water will no longer be such a chore. It’s time to get your Zing on”

The Aqua Zinger water bottle works by subtly infusing your water with flavours from your favourite fruits. From cucumber, to citrus fruits, strawberry, kiwi or even ginger. The Aqua Zinger encourages you to use your imagination to find the perfect fruit infused blend. Go on, mix and match, its infusing time!

This all-natural water infuser comes in an attractive stainless steel and light blue finish. The bottom-mounted grinder retains the ground pulp of your ingredients so there is no mess or fuss when changing your fruitilicious mix.

8. Chambong £39.99 from The Fowndry

Chambong is the delightfully naughty champagne bong for downing your glass of fizz, fast.

Ting-ting-ting-ting… May we propose a toke to Chambong. Glorious usurper of good manners, this unusual toasting flute drinking gadget turns your standard flute of champagne, prosecco, cava or own-brand pink fizz into a dangerously addictive rush of bubbles to the head.

9. Himalayan Salt Shots £14.99 for pack of 2 from Root 7

Sometimes you have to take life with a pinch of salt.

A slice of lime & a shot of Tequila! Hand carved from high quality natural pink rock salt mined from the Himalayas. Being made from 100% solid salt they are food safe and add a subtle salty flavour to your shot to take the edge off the incoming spirit.

10. BubbleLick Edible Bubbles £12.99 from The Fowndry

BubbleLick edible bubbles are the amazing floaty orbs you can lick right out of the air. Just mix in your favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, and blow…

By Emily