If you have managed to save a bit of money in your early twenties or thirties don’t go wasting it on a fancy holiday. Instead, consider investing in lucrative opportunities that will pay you back significantly. In this article, I have put together a list of options for investments for young people.

Let’s jump right in!

#1: Buy Gold

Gold has been the benchmark for stable commodities for thousands of years. Throughout history, people have relied on gold during times of inflation and geopolitical unrest. Many young people think that gold is too expensive but actually through the London Gold Centre you can start off with a gold coin collection and slowly grow from there.

Here are a few options to buy gold:

  1. Rare coins
  2. Gold Bars
  3. Gold by Ounces

By purchasing gold you have a reliable growth opportunity that is less cost-prohibitive than other investment options.

#2: Stocks

Most people are reticent to step into the stock market because of the perceived risk. Although, all investments have risk knowing which stocks are safe to invest in will help you a lot. Here is a good starting list:

  1. S&P 500 Indexes
  2. Real Investment Trusts
  3. Get Fractional Shares

Each of these offers an attractive investment option for young people as the entry is low, the risk is also low, and the returns are good and steady. Take, for example, purchasing fractional shares for a few pounds you can share stocks with others such as Apple and Tesla and make a few pounds a month. The ROI isn’t huge but it will grow as you continue to invest and add more.

You can invest just less than five quid and see hundreds by the end of a year. As you reinvest this number will grow considerably.

#3: Buy Property

This is another investment that often scares young people but purchasing real estate is a great way to earn money and see a good turn around. Now buying a home is not simple and it is easy to make big mistakes. That is why you will want to do a lot of research prior to purchase so you understand what you can afford if you want to let the place if you are taking a loan and the terms.

Some options are buying properties overseas – such as the U.S or different countries within the EU. Benefits of buying America include very low down payment, access to foreclosures, and mortgages.

Many people also rent their house to pay the mortgage. This is a popular choice for places that offer year-round vacation interest such as Cyprus.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for a way to earn some passive income through investments don’t wait until you have a huge amount of money. You can start small and build an impressive portfolio. You can buy gold, choose an S&P500, or purchase a property and rent it out. The possibilities are endless and its a great time to start thinking about the future!