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Top Tips to Make Your Home Refresh Project A Success

ByDave Stopher

Jul 1, 2021

Refreshing the design and look of your home is so important to keep it perfect. We change and adapt. Our needs shift as we grow, and time moves forward. If you were to keep everything, from the design to even the items you purchased along the way, then you will find quite quickly that your home is full to bursting with items and design elements that, quite simply, do not reflect you any longer.

Decluttering regularly can help you keep your home updated for the next year, but if it has been years since you’ve done this, the project will be bigger than you are expecting. To help you successfully get through all the old to make way for the new, you will want to use these top tips:

1.    Declutter Your Home First

Removing all items, you don’t want or don’t need is a great place to start any refresh project. It doesn’t matter if the refresh in question stops after decluttering, or evolves into a full-blown renovation, either. Removing what you don’t have use for and don’t even like will free up space so that you can better see the potential in your home. Searching for ‘local rubbish removal near me‘ will find you lots of options on the internet.

2.    Know What Your Property Needs

If you have lived in your property for years, then you know its flaws and limitations well. Create a list of priorities based on how you live and what you need. Though you may really want a new kitchen, for example, you may first need more storage to help keep items off the floor and to free up your home’s space. Next, you may need a new staircase if you can no longer comfortably walk up yours.

There are many, many things we can do to improve our home. By creating a priority list, you will make the most significant changes first.

3.    Put Together a Clear Design Proposal

You should start putting together all the design ideas that you like together. Of course, you won’t use all of them, but being able to see what types of design show up most often can help you see what elements speak to you, and what might just be influenced by trends or by one great picture.

Once you have collected this, you will then want to put together a design proposal. This will either help keep your DIY efforts focussed, for example with small updates like changing the wall colour, or it will be essential to explaining your vision when hiring experts.

4.    Consider Professional Rubbish Removal

Ordering a skip is a great option when you have a lot you want to clear out, but if you need to order several, then you need a more comprehensive solution, like professional waste removal.

This can be because rubbish has been piling up in your home or outside and is simply beyond the scope of one skip. It can be because you are gutting your kitchen to make room for a remodel and have a lot of materials that you need to be removed. It could be solely to remove a substantial amount of clutter and other unnecessary materials from the home. When choosing a rubbish removal service, always check to see what the company does with your rubbish. If they come to collect and then aim to recycle as much as possible, they are a good option.

5.    The Simplest Updates with the Biggest Impact

Removing the unwanted will do so much for your space. It will either prep it for a remodelling project or help you see the existing space for what it is. Though places like kitchens or alternatively even bathrooms should be left to the experts, almost everywhere else in your home is a free game, so long as you intend to keep the layout the same.

Never underestimate how the smallest updates can make a big impact. If you want to give your home more character, for example, you can go and install vintage taps or even light fixtures and instantly add vintage appeal throughout your home. The same applies to a new coat of paint, new trimming, and so on.

6.    Choose Timeless Design to Carry You Through the Years

When it comes to the base design of your property (think of the items in your home that are not easy to change out or can easily be moved) try to stick with timeless design pieces. This way, you can update your style by adjusting the décor as you go. You will change, and so will your space, so make your home the perfect blank canvas to go through the years, and you will make all future refresh projects easier and more effective.