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Training disruptor Performance For Sales welcomes first client


L-R: Chiara Santevecchi with Margaret Bradshaw

Award-winning trainer and tech innovator Margaret Bradshaw has launched Performance For Sales, a disruptor start-up designed to transform the way businesses utilise marketing.

The Darlington entrepreneur has created an holistic framework that visualises the marketing process in such a way that enables clients to easily see how marketing connects across a business.  One of the key benefits is that it shows where marketing and sales join so that businesses can save time in planning activities as well as empowering their teams.  Performance For Sales is the company offering licences in this revolutionary framework which is a combination of training and technology.

Margaret is celebrating as she welcomes the first Performance For Sales client and the first licenced trainer to deliver this training. Marketing with Chiara will be covering the London and Hertfordshire areas.

This opportunity is available to trainers, marketing consultants, and business coaches wishing to share the innovative framework with their clients. Margaret aims to establish a national network by offering an additional 37 licences across England for geographic areas of the UK.

Combining training with technology, this revolutionary framework highlights the extensive range of outcomes marketing can achieve by integrating various business processes, including sales, HR, accounting, operations, distribution, and customer services.

Margaret Bradshaw said: “I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved and to be able to welcome Chiara as our first licenced trainer is just fantastic.  Chiara is helping us develop a voice in the South of England and what better place to start than in London.  Business owners tell us that they can find it challenging to understand marketing and how to plan, so, our unique framework allows clients to quickly visualise its alignment with the entire business process. The outcomes achievable through this approach are remarkable, empowering and motivating people while driving performance.”

“Many businesses are unsure of marketing’s exact role, and this brings clarity, showing it as a connective process that underpins growth, success, and positivity. My mission is to reshape how marketing is perceived and this represents a new way of structuring marketing operations.  It is all about people so we wanted to disrupt the market with a training option that seeks to empower teams, reduce marketing burnout and offer a way to bring a whole business together through marketing strategy”

“This is such a significant development and I am delighted that Chiara saw the potential it could bring her in her business.  Working with Chiara marks the beginning of an exciting journey to expand this concept across the UK.  It’s new thinking and hugely motivational,  I am confident it will deliver significant benefits.”

Chiara Santevecchi, the founder of London-based Marketing with Chiara and a seasoned marketing strategist with a background in radio and DJing, expressed her enthusiasm: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to embark on this journey with Margaret and Performance for Sales. This strategic alliance aims to revolutionise the marketing landscape in the South of England, starting with London and Hertfordshire as my area of expertise. I firmly believe in the power of people and the connections we make, and this framework builds on that, creating clear and actionable plans for success.”

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