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Trident Manor to host specialist workshops for the business community

18901Through a series of executive workshops, North East businesses are being advised by a leading security and risk management consultancy on how to meet their legal and moral ‘Duty of Care’ obligations, especially when employees are working overseas.

Trident Manor is to host a workshop aimed at enabling business owners and managers to understand the requirement to provide their employees with a safe and secure working environment, whether in the UK or overseas. The firm’s second workshop will then educate employees about personal safety and security risks that exist and steps to take in order to minimise and avoid them.

Based in Newton Aycliffe, Trident Manor will deliver its Duty of Care – Management Awareness and Staff on Overseas Deployments workshops, which are aimed at all sectors who send employees or those in their care overseas or away from their normal place of work, including oil & gas supply chains, charities, local government and education.

Led by Andy Davis, managing director of Trident Manor, who has implemented ‘Duty of Care’ strategies internationally in difficult and hostile environments, the workshop will identify the legal and moral obligations of employers, as well as draw on examples of identifying and avoiding the risks that can be encountered when travelling overseas or away from the normal base of operations.

Mr Davis said: “Employers have a legal and moral obligation for all their employees, especially when travelling abroad or working in an environment that they are not accustomed to. Whatever sector you are involved in there will always be risks involved, whether personal, operational, reputational or financial..

“Through extensive experience in managing organisational risks all over the world; in particular, the risks to personal safety and security the workshops have been created to enable organisations to understand their ‘Duty of Care’ obligations. Our workshops offer a great opportunity for organisations to clearly demonstrate their commitment to employee welfare and safety whilst giving the employees the skills and knowledge to proactively reduce and manage the risks they may face.

The workshops will take place at the Evan Business Centre, in Newton Aycliffe, from the 16-18 March. For further information, including costs, contact Trident Manor on 0191 308 0319, email enquiries@tridentmanor.com or you can visit http://www.tridentmanor.com.

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