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Turn the Heat Up: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Get a Boiler

ByDave Stopher

Jan 14, 2019 #property

Shifting from heating your home from the furnace to a boiler can seem to be a daunting decision. You might contemplate, “Do I need a new boiler? Would this be more beneficial for my household? How different can a boiler be from the heating system that we usually use?”

If you are still looking for the answers regarding this dilemma, then fret no more! This is a sign for you to get a new boiler for your household now. Here are the reasons why a new boiler would be beneficial for your home:

Boilers operate differently but more efficiently than your regular heating.

Boilers are known to operate distinctly from forced-air heating. Forced air heating systems, which most other households use, work by forcing hot air in a room that usually gathers on the ceiling or upper part of the room to diffuse around a particular area and bring warmth.

On the other hand, boilers have what they call radiant heating – this is a type of heating that transmits heat directly through solid objects, such as the floor, walls, or ceilings.

Selecting a boiler, especially for the cold season, may seem like a difficult task, but there are many commercial boilers in the market that fit according to your needs. New boiler deals and quotes can be accessed online, and you can even compare boiler prices, especially if you are in the UK, at the cheapest rates.

Boilers greatly help in saving energy.

To be upfront, boiler installation usually costs a lot more than having a new furnace heater or other heating system installed in the house. However, what makes up for the money spent on your purchase and installation is that this heating system heats the home more efficiently; hence energy is saved. The same goes for your money as well.

How boilers work is that they heat water to be converted into steam, transported throughout the household through the pipe system, and then goes through the floor and into the room.

Water is known to be a better heating medium than air, as concluded by scientific experts. With this, since what a boiler system uses is heated water transformed into steam, it takes less energy to keep a room warm and toasty for a longer time than when you use a furnace system.

They are highly durable and have a longer lifespan.

As boilers need only a few moving parts to operate, maintenance and servicing for such won’t need to be done often. Multiple motors and a fan are required in order to make a furnace heating system work, while with a boiler, all that is needed to be functioning correctly is its circulator pump.

This lower number of moving parts means that your boiler endures less stress when working to pump heated water through your pipe system into your household. Boilers are known to outlive furnace heating systems, as the former lasts up to decades, while the latter only has an average lifespan of 10-15 years.

Expect minimal maintenance and fewer repairs.

As mentioned, boilers only need a few moving parts to operate, and because of this, it doesn’t suffer that much stress from being overworked to generate heat for the household.

Given this fact, it takes less maintenance for your boiler system, and repairs won’t be that frequent. With proper and quality servicing that needs to be done annually, your boiler would surely last you ages, and even your future generation may be able to enjoy and utilize it.

Boilers evenly distribute heat throughout your home.

Furnaces are known to work through ducts, which can cause leaks. Hence, furnace systems lose heat up to 30% caused by these duct leaks. On top of this, furnace systems are prone to generate hot spots and cold spots in the room as well. This means that heat is not distributed evenly into a room, unlike a boiler heating system.

Since boiler systems use radiant heating wherein heat is generated throughout the room through solid objects such as your walls or floor, heat is transferred and distributed evenly within your space.


Other numerous benefits can be attributed to a boiler system. It improves the indoor air quality, decreasing contaminant exposure, which is often caused by pollen, dust, and dirt accumulated within air ducts utilized in furnace systems and so many others.

One can go on and on about the benefits of having a boiler, but it all just comes down to one – a new boiler can improve your quality of life. Contact a heating professional now so you can enjoy the value that a boiler system can add to your home.

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