Tyneside actor and the first MMA World Champion in the UK, Lee Shone is back in the region after being signed for two films in 2019 with North Shields born filmmaker Graeme Scott.  Scott founded London film and documentary company Dover Street Entertainment in London and signed Shone with an agent in Hollywood.  Shone returns to the region after being selected to present an award with coveted actress Molly Wright at the prestigious 39th London Critics’ Circle Film Awards at The Mayfair Hotel, London, announcing the 2019 Critics’ Circle Nominations with the “Apostacy” actress.

Shone 42, from Newcastle said, “the acting world is a far cry from my garage in South Shields, when I was training with ropes and sacks to be an MMA fighter, but the determination and tenacity to succeed is exactly the same”.

Best known for his work on Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy (2018), My Name Is Lenny (2017) and The Corrupted (2019), Shone has been signed by top film and documentary maker Graeme A Scott (originally from North Shields) who founded successful London film company Dover Street Entertainment.   Since joining Dover Street, Shone has been signed by a Hollywood agent.

Shone continued “it’s been a crazy year.  Tom Hardy modelled his character in blockbuster Warrior on me and he made the cast wear t-shirts with my name on! At all the press junkets and on set!”.

Lee Shone will attend the awards ceremony when the winners will be announced at The Mayfair Hotel, London, at the end of January 2019 along with Graeme Scott who presented actress Kate Winslet with The Dillys Powell Lifetime Achievement Award with Jude Law at last year’s Critics’ Circle Film Awards with Dover Street Entertainment.

Already signed for two films in 2019 with Dover Street Entertainment and with their role signing Lee with a Hollywood agent, Shone’s journey into the spotlight sounds like a blockbuster plot all of its own.