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Unique and Colorful Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss Out in Cebu

Mouth-watering and sumptuous dried mangoes, breathtaking views and sceneries, white-sand beaches with crystal-clear waters, and super-friendly locals, there’s no doubt that Cebu is one of the popular tourist destinations both local and international. This province is located in the Visayan Region in the Philippine archipelago and is a haven of rich cultural heritage and is littered with wonderful masterpieces of nature.

Aside from its delicacy and culture, Cebu is also famous for its festive and colorful festivals, which are all deeply rooted and tied to its historical background.

Did we say that these festivals are colorful? Well, if we haven’t stressed it enough, festivals in Cebu are filled with a multitude of colors it’s like there’s a giant kaleidoscope dancing in front of your eyes. Their stunning combinations of hues and palettes make every street performing stand out in the crowd with his majestic and lavish costumes as he danced to the beat of loud drums.

So, when planning on your next trip to Cebu, make sure not to miss out these festivals because seeing these occasions in real life, are for sure an experience of a lifetime!

Sinulog Festival

Are you in the mood to party out in the streets? Wear your dancing shoes on and head on to Cebu’s grandest and most celebrated occasion, the Sinulog Festival at the Queen City of the South, Cebu City.

Sinulog Festival is undeniably the most famous festivals in the country. Aside from dried mangoes, it is probably the first or second thing that comes into your mind when you heard the word ‘Cebu.’ Well, Sinulog Festival has earned all the rights to be the most well-known and well-decorated festival with its colorful street dance and parade.

Celebrated every year on the 3rd Sunday of January, the Sinulog Festival is held to honor the Senior Santo Nino. One of the highlights of the festivity is the fluvial parade and the street dance.

Yearly, various spectators and devotees from around the country flock to Cebu City to witness the colorful procession—even local celebrities are present to hop into the fun with the almost 2 million annual visitors.

Cebu houses one of the country’s important relics, the Santo Nino de Cebu. It is a statue of Baby Jesus given as a gift by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan to the then ruler of the Cebu Island, Rajah Humabon in 1521. This paved way to the birth of Christianity in the Philippine islands.

Hence, Sinulog is also referred to as Santo Nino Festival.

Ever wonder why Sinulog dancers, especially the Sinulog Festival Queen, dances a repetitive forward-backward steps during the street parade? This is because they are portraying the meaning of the Sinulog word itself. The word ‘Sinulog is derived from the Cebuano word sulog, which means ‘like water current movement.’

Kadaugan sa Mactan Festival

Next up in our itinerary is the Kaudaugan sa Mactan Festival held every April 22-27 at Lapu-lapu City.

We all know the historic Mactan City where our heroic chieftain Lapu-lapu and his tribe defended our homeland from Spanish conquerors led by Ferdinand Magellan.

This weeklong celebration reenacts the legendary Battle in Mactan, usually falling on April 27th. Spectators can enjoy the outstanding performance of the locals: a river procession featuring Magellan’s three ships, the planting of Magellan’s cross, and last but not the least, Lapu-lapu victory over the Spaniards.

Before witnessing the main event, visitors can also enjoy touring around the city, delight their taste buds in the food festivals and dance ‘til their soles give out in the three-night street dance.

These festivities are Mactan’s ways of promoting and preserving the province’s rich cultural history. Not only that you’ve enjoyed to your heart’s (and stomach’s) content, but you also gave yourself a reminder why you should be proud in being a Filipino.

Palawod Festival

Held at Bantayan Island, which is famous for its stunning beaches, breathtaking sceneries, and wonderful marine life—and of course, mouthwatering seafood.

Palawod roughly translates to as ‘to go out fish.’ The main livelihood of the Bantayan Island comes from its bountiful sea. That’s why they honor and commemorate the effort of the local fishermen through music, visual arts, street dancing, usually depicting their unique fishing rituals.

Palawod Festival is celebrated during the last week of June.

Kabkaban Festival

Celebrated during the 4th week of November at Carcar City, Cebu, Kabakaban Festival is done to honor the city’s patron saint, Saint Catherine of Alexandria. This celebration is inspired by a grass that grows abundantly in the area locally known as ‘kabkab.’ This plant is also present in every dance ritual performed by the locals. Aside from ritual performances, visitors can also enjoy local pageants, street dancing competitions, agro fairs, and lots of variety shows.

Take this time to explore the cultural side of Carcar City. Being one of the well-preserved towns in the country, the streets of Carcar is filled with architecture like plazas, churches, monuments, and ancestral houses erected during the Spanish era. Take historical trip back to the past as you visit these sites while enjoying the town’s streets foods and products. Carcar City is also known for its handicrafts and wooden furniture, so don’t forget to bring home one or two as a souvenir!

Kabayo Festival

We’ve all seen those carabaos (or water buffalos) with colorful, painted bodies and decked with various flowers and ornaments in Pulilan, Bulacan. Now, brace yourself as horses are also making an entry here at Kabayo Festival celebrated in Mandaue City, Cebu every February.

With the mission of promoting sports tourism, eco-tourism and agri-tourism not only in the city but in the whole country, the Cebu Equine Owners, Breeders and Sportsmen Association (CEOBSA) organized this colorful parade of horses decorated. The celebrated also includes race-horsing competition, bazaars and flea market, and the awarding of the best decorated tartanillas or horse-drawn carriages.

Where to Stay in Cebu?

If you are wondering where you would lie down and rest after exploring these wonderful festivals. Well, worry no more as we’ve also compiled a list of places where you could stay in Cebu!

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Lavish into its generous amenities such as fitness gym, lap pool, function rooms, and the majestic Skydeck, offering a breathtaking view of the city skyline.

Bria Condo Mactan by Bria Homes

You surely won’t miss the historical reenactments at the Kadaugan sa Mactan Festival as Bria Condo by Bria Homes is located just minutes away from Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) and the Mactan Cebu International Airport. This is perfect for travelers like you who want a quick gateway in and out of Mactan and the Cebu province.

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Equipped with lavish amenities with guarded gates and 24-hour security, travelers like you are assured that your stay in Mactan is an experience worth remembering!

Camella Homes-Carcar City, Cebu

It’s easy to fall in love with the Cebu province. It is a haven of stunning beaches, rich cultural and historical spots and local delicacies that will surely make anyone’s mouth water.

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