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Volkswagen offers a sackful of seasonal gift solutions for fans of the brand this Christmas

Milton Keynes – Volkswagen is pleased to present its 2021 list of Christmas gift ideas – the definitive run-down of must-haves for brand fans across the UK. This year’s suggestions comprise appealing GTI and ID.-themed items, with both children and adults considered in the eclectic mix. All are sleigh and stocking-friendly, and cover a wide variety of interests, so are sure to satisfy even the hardest to please recipients on Santa’s Nice List this year.

First on the gift list is a 1:43-scale model ID.3, in eye-catching Makena Turquoise. With extraordinary attention to detail, this particular model features tiny imitations of the attractive Andoya alloy wheels; IQ.Light headlights; and silver bi-colour exterior styling. Just like the full-size ID.3, this £33 (RRP) miniature version has zero tailpipe emissions but, unlike its larger lookalike, relies upon push power to get around. Either way, it is sustainable mobility at its tiniest.

If your 1:43-scale model desires are a little more family-sized, then a miniature ID.4 (£31 RRP) model will suit. Also with zero tailpipe emissions, this high-specification model is finished in Honey Yellow metallic paint, with Narvik alloy wheels; a panoramic sunroof; IQ.Light headlights and 3D LED rear light clusters; the bi-colour style pack with its black roof and silver trim following the windows up to the C-pillar. Perfect for the collector’s display cabinet.

Next on the list is something for the younger driver, and it’s a fast one – the GTI children’s balance bike. This is a way into GTI ownership for any budding fan of those hallowed three letters – the only limit on top speed of this compact yet sturdy model is how fast a toddler’s legs can move. Available in sleek black, with a red seat, GTI logos and highlights, and the Volkswagen roundel on the front, the balance bike (£80 RRP OTGP– that’s On The Garden Path), is the sweet-handling, entry-level GTI that doesn’t require a driver’s licence. Or petrol.

For the Volkswagen fan who’s always running late, the GTI watch (£31 RRP) is designed for hardcore fans with a love of fine detailing. Printed on the strap are the coordinates of the location where the engine meets the body for the Golf GTI, at the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg. The numbers on the dial mimic the rev counter of the Golf GTI, going up to 5 in white, and 6, 7 and 8 in red. The 42 mm diameter watch face is finished in the familiar honeycomb design from GTI models’ front grilles, while the GTI emblem sits proudly beneath the 12 marker. The watch is waterproof up to three atmospheres.

The second item of apparel on the festive list is for warmer climes, or more casual settings – a pair of GTI sliders, to demonstrate commitment to the GTI brand when poolside on holiday, taking it easy at home, or even just taking out the bins. These £27 (RRP) sliders are available in three sizes – fitting up to UK size 11.5.

Of course, if your intended recipient will be lounging by the pool in their GTI footwear, they will need a matching suitcase to fly away with. Which is where the GTI Luggage Trolley (£150 RRP) comes in – with a hard-shell, lightweight case emblazoned with the GTI logo, black finish with red flourishes, and a honeycomb grille, this is unmistakably the luggage of a bona-fide Volkswagen fan. And its practicality is useful at Christmas too – other GTI-branded gifts can be stored inside, for a double surprise.

The GTI wireless charger is a tech-friendly way of bringing a little GTI magic into your home. Featuring a charging pad finished in the iconic grey and red check cloth from the GTI models, the charger (£25.50 RRP) allows a compatible smartphone to be charged simply by placing it on top of the pad – a feature it shares with the latest range of Volkswagn models . Easy to use, and with a modern twist, the GTI wireless charger is just like the hot hatch icon. Just don’t try and drive it.

Finally, the other tech treat on the 2021 Volkswagen Christmas Gift List is a set of GTI Bluetooth Ear Buds (£34.50 RRP). Sleekly designed and wire-free, the earphones sit snugly in their own charging case. When in use, red and blue lights indicate their status, in contrast to the black finish of the earphones, while a high-quality microphone allows the buds to pick up calls when in use. The case and each ear bud is emblazoned with the GTI logo, with the former also featuring those hallowed Wolfsburg coordinates where GTI engines meet their bodies.

Samantha O’Selmo, Parts and Accessories Manager at Volkswagen UK, said: “Christmas is coming around once again, so now is the time to make a list, check it twice, and make your way to your friendly local Volkswagen Retailer to pick up some gifts that will make the brand fan in your life happy.

“This list is full of great suggestions for stocking fillers, larger gifts, smaller gifts, tech, travel accessories, toys, and items for those people who seem to have everything. We are sure that Santa will approve!”

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