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What are the Uses of Solar Energy at Home


Jun 6, 2021

Solar energy is produced by the use of photoelectric panels to harvest the sun’s power. Solar power is not only a green dream, it has over the years evolved to become more beneficial in numerous ways both at home and for businesses. Just like any other technological advancements, solar power has investment expenses to consider but still, more homeowners continue to make use of solar energy.

Furthermore, you do not have to invest a lot of money in covering your rooftop with Hawaii solar panels, but if you are in a position to, you may still go ahead and do so. You can now get various stand-alone devices that work just fine or DIY solar panel kits that anyone uses to custom-make their small solar system for my house. Below are some of the uses of solar power at home.

  • Swimming Pool Solar Heating

Swimming pools are a great summer joy for both children and parents. Opening the pool makes everyone happy – except for those days when the pool is extremely cold to jump in. luckily, you can install a solar blanket to help you deal with this problem. This is a floating blanket that absorbs the sun’s heat and transmits it to the water thus warming your pool. 

Additionally, you can go more high-tech by installing a complete solar water heating system that uses solar panels mounted on your rooftop to harness the sun’s heat and transmit it to the water using tubes passing through the panels. The water is then heated as it slowly circulates from the pool the heating panels.

  • Solar Powered Fans

Ventilation fans are a great way of reducing cooling expenses. Conventional fans were connected to household electric current and this beats the purpose of saving energy. Presently, you can acquire special roof vent fans that have small panels that run the fan motor using solar energy rather than using the household’s electrical current subsequently reducing your power bills.

  • Solar Water Heating

We have 2 kinds of solar systems we can use in place of conventional water heaters that use electricity or gas. These are passive systems that do not have mechanical pump elements and instead work by the basic physics of natural heat rising. The other kind is active hot water systems that use mechanical pumps to circulate water from rooftop panels into a storage tank.

  • Hot Air Systems

This is one way in which solar energy can be used in home heating. This is an entire house heating system that uses hot air as a means of circulating warmth within the house. The system operates by amassing hot air from the rooftop or exposed walls and moving it around the home. Houses using hot air solar heating normally have roofs or side walls made to absorb heat. A majority of systems have a powered circulating fan that circulates warm air. 

Solar power has numerous ways from which we can benefit. Moreover, it is a freely occurring source of energy that we only have to convert to our advantage.

By ozfetch