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What is the best day to book a flight?

The best day to book a flight… Intuitively, one would say that the weekend is more expensive. People have their well-deserved time off and start fantasizing about a holiday. When they go onto the Internet, they will probably encounter higher prices. The same holds true for evening during the weeks… but is it really true that you have to wait until the night or morning during a weekday to book a ticket? Opodo took this up to the challenge and conducted research in the UK. Gathering data on all airplane tickets, we highlight a few of their findings.

Flying out to mainland Europe

Looking forward to a relaxing holiday in the French Riviera, or want to visit the coastline of Amalfi in Italy? These spots promise sunshine and good food, but are they also accessible via an attractive ticket fare? The best day to book a flight to Europe is on fixed. For example, it could fluctuate from 185 GBP for booking on a Saturday to over 600 GBP on a Thursday. Who said that booking in the weekend is not a good option? Of course, this is also dependent on the airport you choose.

Want to take it a bit further away from here?

Across the Atlantic, you will find the impressive continent of North America. Here, you can experience astonishing National Parks such as Yosemite and Bryce Canyon. Flying further from home tends to equal higher ticket prices. Booking on a favorable day could help to limit your costs. When is the best day to book a flight to the US? It turns out that Sunday is the cheapest day to book your flight. This will save you around 60 GBP compared to Friday, which is the most expensive day to book. If you are planning to make a trip to the US, buy your ticket in the weekend.

No worries, there is room to relax

While prices to fly from the UK to America and Europe are fluctuating, the ticket prices for Africa and Asia are falling. Here the variation is negligible, with an average difference of 30GBP between the biggest price difference. Want to book the cheap price? Booking it on a Sunday would be the best option.

As it turns out, booking tickets during the weekend is most favorable. Something that we initially did not expect. Waiting for the next weekend? Sit back, choose your favorite spot and book your tickets on a Saturday or Sunday for the best fares. Do take into account that flying from larger airports is often more economical, especially when it comes to inter-continental flight. Off to Heathrow you go!

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