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Which online slots payout the most?

ByDave Stopher

Nov 17, 2021 #Gaming

Many people will tell you that they play slots for the themes, or for the amazing gaming mechanism. We love both of these things, but let’s be honest – those sweet, sweet slot machines payouts are what really keeps us coming back.

So, which online slots actually payout the most, and are there some particular features that you should be keeping watch for? We’re going to be answer those questions and more – read on to find out!

Choosing slots with the best payouts

When it comes to choosing slots with the best payouts, there are three key things that you want to watch out for:

        The type and volatility of slot

        The RTP (Return to Player)

        The history of the slot

Volatility is one of the most important things when it comes to payouts – high volatility progressive slots have by far the largest payouts in terms of cash value, with some reaching eight figures! Low volatility classic slots on the other hand have smaller yet much more frequent payouts. This makes it difficult to decide which one to choose, but generally classic slots are the safer bet. They payout more frequently, and even though these payouts may be small overall, you’ll still have the chance to win hundreds of thousands of pounds. Whichever type you choose, you should always ensure that it’s got an excellent RTP and a track record to back it up. If people are consistently winning jackpots and having their money returned to them overall, you know that you’re on to a winner!

The Best Slots for Payouts

Considering that payouts could relate to frequency or cash prize, we’ve decided to provide you with three of our favourite slots that cover both of these areas. If you’re looking for slots that have seriously high payout rates, these are the games for you:

        Rainbow Riches: Reels of God is a hugely popular online slot, mainly because of it’s massive RTP of 98%

        You thought that was good? Mega Joker has an RTP of 98.9% with the top win being 2,000x your original stake!

        Mega Moolah’s top jackpot has a minimum value of a whopping $1,000,000, with one lucky player once winning £16,404,485.55!

I think you’ll agree that those numbers are truly insane – they’re three of our favourite games, with some focusing on payout frequency and others offering insane maximum jackpots. Whether you choose the lucrative progressive slots or safer classic slots, that is a decision only you can decide!

The Verdict

Overall, Rainbow Riches, Mega Joker and Mega Moolah are all examples of online slots that payout the most. Some have stupidly high RTPs whilst some of them have a history of paying out eight figures – insane! Don’t take our word for it, try them out and don’t forget to use our advice on picking your own high-payout slots!


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