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Why Are Quizzes Important For Brain Development?


May 22, 2020

n the education field there are many different ways to teach and to consolidate what has been learnt. In the past , children were expected to memorize dates, formulas and figures but this teaching method seems to be quite dull. One tool becoming more popular specially in online education is quizzes.

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Quizzes Are Valuable In Education

Quizzes are so popular. Is there any proof to suggest that quizzes are really valuable in a child’s education? Yes – if we ask any teacher in the classroom up and down the land, teachers set their students quizzes and tests to help them learn. All the teachers can’t be wrong.  Tests and quizzes value is unquestionable. There are many reasons to show that quizzes help children to learn.

Quizzes Help Children To Concentrate

While playing a quiz you have to keep your mind on what you are doing. This shows that quizzes do help children to concentrate. It often fails to grab attention when reading from a textbook, as the mind wanders and the required information is not taken in.

Quizzes Are Fun

Most children find quizzes as fun. Most of the online education sites use quizzes as a way to make learning fun.

Quizzes Help In Retaining Information

Well known fact is that retrieval aids retention. Reading information does have its uses as a way of learning but after reading, taking a quiz is much more effective. Forcing the brain to retrieve data shows that it is embedded to use in the future. So yes, quizzes help to retain information.

Quizzes Help In The Learning Process

Quizzes help to embed information in our brains, it provides a firm foundation for the next learning stage. For example take maths – once something is marked by using quizzes then this helps to support any future, more advanced learning. Quizzes prepare children for the next stage in their education and help in the process of learning.

Quizzes Identify Gaps In Knowledge

How will you know a subject? To find out this quickly is to play a quiz. If you answer any question incorrectly, immediately it will show where your knowledge is lacking. In students’ case, quizzes identify gaps in knowledge and highlight the areas that require more revision.

Quizzes Give A Different Perspective

It’s like-listening to the teacher, explaining to the class and to expect the students to remember what they said. Quizzes present information from a different perspective. It helps us to understand better if you look at things from a different angle.

Quizzes Are Less Stressful

Tests in school are an anxious experience for children.They worry how well they will do, they compare their results  to their friends or what the teacher will think of them. Playing quizzes is less stressful and is a means to test ourselves. This seems to be useful for shy or introverted children who really raise their hand in the class in fear of getting their answers wrong and they make a fool of themselves. So quizzes are a stress free way of learning.

Quizzes Make Children More Enthusiastic To Learn 

The feeling you get when you answer a question correctly-an Adrenaline Rush provides instant gratification. Children feel good by playing quizzes and make them enthusiastic to play more.

Quizzes Build Confidence

The more you play quizzes the better you get at them and more you know. Looking back to the online quiz records and seeing the extent of improvement gives a student the confidence to know his progress.

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Quizzes Help In Revision

 Imagine tomorrow is your history exam and you are reading your history textbook to revise and you hope to remember everything or you can play quizzes on the topic and it will help you revise the key points and help you remember then mere reading. Quizzes help to concentrate and keep the mind from wandering and so help with revision. So it is true that quizzes really help children in learning. To see for yourself try the Online Quiz Marker and make up your own mind.

By ozfetch