If you want a chance to win some real money from online casinos, you’ll need to register and make a deposit before you can start playing. Real-time deposits and instant withdrawals in less than 5 minutes is far from the slow and complicated transactions of the past and if you played at online casinos ten years ago, you know exactly what we are talking about.

Presently, the pay n play technology behind real-time transactions is available at Pay N Play Casinos all over the world and it’s easy to understand why it’s taking the online casino industry by storm. In the very competitive iGaming Industry, operators tend to compete in several ways. They compete by offering the best games,  best bonuses, and using the best strategies to attract players to their platforms. But in recent years, the game has completely changed. Today’s players are no longer attracted to gambling sites due to only attractive bonuses and the newest and innovative games. Rather, they seek instant satisfaction and a seamless experience on online gambling platforms. Pay N Play offers this in spades with its speed and simplicity.

Pay N Play

Pay N Play is an online payment method from Trustly that offers a fast and seamless payment procedure in terms of both deposits and withdrawal methods. When provided by a casino, the player that chooses to use it can forgo the usual complex registration procedures and start playing. Apart from simplifying and speeding up the registration process, it also offers a fast withdrawal process.

How it works

When a player wants to register and deposit with Pay N Play, all the player has to do is deposit through their trusted online bank. Plus, there is no redirect away from the gaming platform required. To make the process seamless, as the player makes a deposit, Trustly will extract the essential information and details from the player’s bank account. They do this to fulfill the KYC requirement and also deliver the data to the operator, who will then register the player’s account in the background. Many people in the industry think that Pay N Play is a “no-registration” product, but this is not the case, as a player’s account is created in the background, though it is with little interaction from players. During this step, operators verify players’ identity and age to ensure that they are of gambling age. It also ensures that gambling site operators stay compliant with the growing strict policies and regulations.

The benefit to the operator

  • Boosts Conversion, Acquisition, and Retention Rate – Due to the strenuous procedure involved in registering players’ online casino’s account, most players who start the process tend not to finish, not to talk of depositing into their accounts. Due to its speed and simplicity, Pay N Play alleviates this concern and boosts this rate.
  • Build Loyalty – Players can make instant deposit and withdrawal through Pay N Play, optimizing players’ experience on a gambling site. And players tend to stay loyal and play more often on platforms that offer them access to a quick registration and instant withdrawals.

Benefit for players

  • Seamless Registration – When players come across a lengthy registration procedure when they want to play their favorite game at a gaming site, it makes the process more stressful. Pay N Play allows players to get started on their favorite games quicker by streamlining the registration procedure.
  • Faster Withdrawals – People have come to expect instant gratification in many aspects of life, from minute things to important things. They expect no less in online gaming, and Pay N Play effectively takes care of these expectations. When players want to withdraw, their winnings land in their bank accounts within minutes.
  • Free to Use – Compared to other payment methods that usually charge a fee for fast deposits or withdrawal, Trustly, which powers Pay N Play, is always free to use for players.

Due to complicated registration processes and fear of internet fraud and scams, many individuals tend to avoid online gaming with money even when they would like to play. It’s important to emphasize here that licensed online casinos are safe to play at. Operators of these sights have adopted safe and secure payment methods on their platforms in line with gambling and financial regulations but players on the other hand want to do quick transactions without the hassle of registrations. This created a need for a payment method capable of protecting players’ funds without the hassle connected to the usual payment methods. The Pay N Play technology is doing exactly that and has brought about a payment method that is safe, secured, and free of the complicated registration processes.