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Window Replacement: Understanding Different Glass Options and Their Applications

ByDave Stopher

Sep 16, 2020 #North East

When it comes to window replacement you will need to choose from a myriad glass options available in the market. The key to getting the best glass option is understanding different types of glasses used in window replacement and where they are best suited for use. Luckily, we got you covered.

Window Tech Windows and Doors provides a variety of glass options to homeowners to choose depending on individual preferences. These glass options comprise everything from glass coatings used to the number of panes in each window. Normally, the glass coating are applied in order to reduce exposure to UV and improve energy efficiency. Besides, homeowners can choose to include argon gas in their triple-pane and double-pane windows in order to add more insulation and increase performance as well as energy efficiency. Each option added to your glasses delivers a certain advantage either to the appearance of the window or its performance. Here are some glass options you ought to consider during window replacement.

  • Dual-Pane Glass: The New Standard

These replacement windows have two panes containing an insulated gas unit (IGU) between the panes. The IGU offers insulation to a house, helping the homeowner to spend less on power consumption. Because of their efficiency, they have become an industry standard with manufacturers booting traditional panes and embracing these in most window replacement projects.

Double-pane glasses are used in window repair or replacement and can be customized to a homeowner’s preference.

  • Triple-Pane Glass: Extreme Energy Efficiency

They have three panes with IGU, which makes them the best insulators and ideal for soundproofing. They allow very little to no heat movement in and outside your house, protecting you and your loved ones from harsh winters and summer.

  • Spacer Systems: Efficiency between the Panes

The warm-edge spacer systems enhance the performance of IGU. Because glazed panes are susceptible to fogging, spacer systems ensure that moisture does not sip between the glasses. So, energy efficiency is maintained while keeping fog off. Therefore, your panes remain dry, and you do not have to worry about misty windows or poor insulation because of leaky windows after window replacement.

  • Low-E: Low-Emissivity Window Coating

The coating is microscopic and often applied to glazed replacement windows in the interior. It is metal-like and blocks UV rays from getting into your house. Additionally, Low-E coating reflects hot temperatures from your home and prevents warmth from leaving during extreme weather.

  • Low-E3; Three Layers of Protection

Glasses with Low-E3 contain 3 layers of Low-E, which maximizes their efficiency. These glasses can be used in all zones because they meet all energy requirements by ENERGY STAR®. Because they are not tinted, they allow natural lighting while providing insulation.

  • Argon Gas Enhancement: Invisible Energy Efficiency

Argon is a non-toxic gas used in filling spaces between glazed glasses. It is odorless and invisible and helps in enhancing a window’s efficiency. Additionally, it helps in improving soundproofing properties of a window.

  • Krypton Gas Enhancement: Invisible Energy Efficiency

Krypton is another gas used in insulating glazed replacement windows but has a better performance than argon. It is invisible, odorless, and non-toxic and is often pumped between panes for efficiency.

  • Laminated Glass: All the Comfort and Safety

Laminated glass is an excellent choice for blocking UV rays and providing soundproof. Manufacturers use a special technique to bind two glass pieces to a PVB interlayer. Glass sticks to this layer even after getting broken.

  • Impact Glass: Protection from Elements

They provide security and comfort at home. Impact glasses are AAMA certified and can withstand extreme weather events.

  • Obscure and Rain Glass: Light and Privacy

Obscure glass is available in different designs to help you make your home look classy and aesthetic. It is ideal for lighting your house naturally while providing privacy. Obscure glass contains a pattern that is often pressed during manufacture.

Rain glass is a type of obscure glass that uses a rain pattern on it to imitate rain. It provides privacy and reflects harmful sun rays from entering your home. Therefore, you enjoy natural lighting while protecting your property from fading.

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