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Acer Air Monitor contains precise sensors to monitor the levels of VOCs, carbon dioxide, fine particles, temperature and the humidity in the home.

London, 7 th July 2017 – As a company committed to the Smart Home market through its Acer BYOC division, Acer has developed connected objects in the fields of education, dynamic display and IT products for personal and business use. To simplify daily life and embark on an era of fully connected, protected homes linked up to wireless devices, Acer is now launching the Air Monitor, a device that can measure air quality in the home. With the Acer Air Monitor home owners can track major air quality indicators in real time by using a dedicated smartphone app or by viewing the colours emitted by the devices intuitive LED light system.

Acer Air Monitor: Six major indicators analyzed to measure indoor air quality.

Thanks to its sensors, Acer Air Monitor can track:

  • VOCs (volatile organic compounds): construction materials, home furniture, tobacco…
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • PM2.5 and PM10 particles
  • Humidity
  • Temperature

The air quality data is easily accessible in real time via a smartphone application that is available for both Android and IoS. In addition the Acer Air Monitor can be configured to send push notifications when Air Quality indicators exceed preset limits. Based on the alert level received, users can then take action and make the necessary decisions to purify the ambient air 2 inside their home. The module can also trigger IFTTT applets thereby allowing the user to take further steps with other IFTTT compatible devices when the air quality changes i.e. switch on air purifier when Air Quality drops.

A simple, sleek design that blends in perfectly at home or in the office

With its simple, elegant design the Acer Air Monitor goes beautifully with all fixtures and fittings in the home or office. The device has a discreet, intuitive colored LED light system, which will provide at a glance what the ambient air quality is. An integrated sensor automatically turns off the LED when ambient light falls below a certain level, so as not to disturb sleep, for example.

The Acer Air Monitor is compatible with IFTTT services and Amazon Alexa so home automation equipment can be easily managed. For example, users can control an air purifier to switch on or remotely program a lower home temperature.

Price and availability

Acer Air Monitor is now available for sale in the UK via Amazon from £189.99 (including VAT). For more information, please visit the website: