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10 Easy Ways to Save Money in 2019

The need to save more is at an all time high now. You need so save up for when you retire and to secure your children’s future.

Here are easy ways to save money in 2019.

1. Save your two pound coins

Place a little pot next to your bed and every time you get a 2 pound coin change from a shop, just pop it in your wallet and when you get home put it in your little pot. You won’t even notice that you’ve been saving up next to your bed. Who notices when they just save a little 2-pound coin?

2. Have separate bank accounts

You can set up three bank accounts. One where your wages get paid into, another one for saving and another for your spending money. Every month when your wages come in, automatically login and transfer money from your wages account into your savings account. Make it a habit to do it as soon as you get paid so that you don’t get tempted to spend on unnecessary stuff. Just keep enough to cover the bills and expenses.

3. Shop online

By shopping online, there’s no temptation to get extra things in your basket. Always check out the online offers and discounts they have and buy those first. Write down a list of what you need to buy that will last you till the next time you want to shop. You can see how much money you are spending before you check out so you can kind of alter it if you don’t want to spend quite that much.

4. Pay off your high interest loans

An easy way to pay off high interest loans such as credit card debts is to take a personal loan. Bonsai Finance gives personal loans which have low interest rates that you can use to consolidate your debts. You get a soft credit check that helps you get approved for a loan faster and it doesn’t harm your credit score.

5. Plan your meals

Make a meal plan, stick to it and don’t stray off it. If you stick to your meal plan, you use up everything you’ve bought in that weekly shop and it just makes your budgeting so much easier. Try to make meals that you can have leftovers for the next day so when the kids are at school and you’re thinking of making yourself a lunch you can just eat the leftovers.

6. Download a spending tracker app

You start off by putting in how much money you have available to spend and then indicate everything you’ll be spending on. The app slowly takes money off of your initial starting figure. It makes you think twice before you go out and make an impulse buy.

7. Share your Netflix password

Did you know that you can share your Netflix password with up to four people? You can share your password with relatives, friends or neighbors and share the cost.

8. Sell your old stuff

You can put up your old items or stuff you don’t need for sale on ebay. Better yet, you can do a car boot sale where you fill the car up, you take it down the street and it’s all gone within a morning.

9. Set goals

Write down how much you want to save by the end of the year or in five years. With that financial goal in mind, you’ll see that you’ll be working extra hard to save more and reach your target.

10. Don’t pay for cable

Find a hobby that will keep you engaged instead of watching TV. Maybe you can try reading more.

Saving money has never been quite this easy in 2019. You can save your hard earned cash and secure your future. Self control is super important when it comes to saving so think twice before you spend on unnecessary items and services.

If you can make your coffee at home instead of going to buy in the coffee shop, do it. You’ll begin to see how much of a difference that makes in increasing your savings.

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