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10 things you can create on your own with magnets

ByDave Stopher

Mar 8, 2022 #Business

This article is about magnetic items, objects or materials that are commonly used in magnetic sign making. They are various magnetic products out there in the market but they are not so easy to find.

The following are some magnetic materials that are commonly used in magnetic sign making:

1) magnetic sheet metal 2) magnetic mesh fabric 3) magnetic vinyl 4) magnetic ink 5) magnetic paint 6) magnetic powder 7) magnetic paper 8 ) embossing roller 9 ) sticker roll 10 ) magnetic car wrap.

Sheet metal refers to an iron base material, which has been processed by pressing under

In a world filled with screens, magnetic signs give you the chance to break away from the norm and stand out from the crowd! With magnetic signs, there are endless opportunities to create magnetic images, business cards and signage for your home, business or vehicle. In fact, magnetic car signs have been proven to be 20 percent more effective in passing attention than traditional car magnets – making magnetic marketing your best bet for standing out when it counts the most!

Here are 10 things you can create on your own with magnets:

1) Household decor

2) Business Cards & Signage

3) Vehicle Graphics & Branding

4) Crafts

5) Organization

6) Holiday Decorations

7) Toy Magnets for kids

8) School Supplies & Lesson Handouts magnetic printing

9) Crafts, Party Favors and much more magnetic car signs magnetic window decals magnetic plates magnetic stickers magnetic plates magnetic printer magnetic business cards magnetic color printing magnets online magnets store magnetic images

10) Calendar & Menu Magnet Boards

We are the only source in the market that offers custom printed magnets. Our custom printed magnets can be used for advertising your business or brand. And it’s affordable to order. We do all types of printing like full color printing, spot color printing, one color printing, half-tones etc… This is one of our most popular magnetic printing items. Custom magnetic business cards are also great for advertising companies, agencies or businesses like real estate agents, contractors etc. The custom printed magnetic business cards can be handed out to customers and potential clients. The magnetic business card is the perfect promotional item because it gets noticed, read and kept time and time again. Magnetic bumper stickers are also useful outside the U.S., magnetic printing in Canada, and magnetic signs in Australia or magnetic images anywhere! Custom shapes include circles, squares, ovals, other irregular shapes & more.


How do I know if magnetic signs are right for me?

Magnetic signs are a great way to advertise your business or brand. They’re affordable, magnetic printing options start at $2/per magnetic sign (or less), easy-to-apply and remove magnetic images make our magnetic signs perfect for businesses big and small. Plus US Magnet is the world’s largest supplier of magnetic printing products! We print millions of magnets each year for local businesses across the U.S., magnetic images in the UK, magnetic car signs in Australia and magnetic printer worldwide!

Will magnetic signage damage my vehicles paint?

Your vehicle’s paint will not be damaged by magnetic signage as long as you follow these instructions: Make sure to apply your magnetically printed decals to a clean, smooth and flat surface. Do not apply magnetic car signs to hot or cold surfaces (avoid applying magnetic car graphics in direct sunlight during the day or over an air vent at night). After removing your magnetic decals, be sure to check that there are no pieces left on your vehicle’s surface. If magnetic decals are applied properly they will easily peel off without any adhesive remaining behind.

Can magnetic printing be used on any kind of surface?

Our magnetically printed products can be used on most flat surfaces including cars, trucks, windows, lockers and more!

Are magnetic prints removable?

Magnetic printing is meant to be removed if necessary; however magnetic stickers like magnetic business cards should NOT BE REMOVED FROM YOUR WINDOW OR FLAT SURFACE. Magnetic signs can be easily removed following the instructions above.


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