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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Scandi Flooring

Scandi flooring has become a popular trend in UK homes. Bringing a sense of calm and tranquillity into the space, these floors are simplistic but beautiful. 

There are a lot of different types of Scandi floors available on the market. To ensure you choose the right one for your home, national retailer Stories Flooring reveals 4 things to consider when selecting Scandi flooring for your home. 

1. Material 

Traditional Scandi floors are made from solid wood. However, this isn’t always a practical choice for homeowners. If you don’t have the budget or you need a more durable floor, engineered wood could be a great alternative. 

These planks look just like solid wood flooring, but their layered construction gives them enhanced moisture and temperature resistance. While you can’t install them in the bathroom, engineered wood floors are suitable for most areas of the home.  

If you need something even more affordable, it is possible to achieve a Scandi look with LVT or SPC flooring. These floors offer realistic wood effect designs, often laid in a parquet pattern. However, they won’t provide that same wood feel underfoot. 

So, if it’s just the aesthetics you are looking to achieve, you could save money with LVT or SPC flooring. If it’s the whole Scandinavian look and feel you’re going for, Stories Flooring engineered wood range is the better option. 

2. Colour and finish

All Scandi floors are light in colour and offer a natural effect. Oak is the most popular wood used in Scandi home design. However, you could also opt for whitewashed wood such as pine. The lighter the floor, the more it will add to the Scandi design. 

To achieve a natural finish, look for floors with an oiled or unfinished design. Oiled floors look much more natural than lacquered wood floors. Unfinished floors can also provide that natural character. However, you will need to finish them yourself to ensure they stay protected against wear and tear. 

3. Existing décor

Scandinavian décor flows effortlessly from room to room. This means when choosing Scandi style flooring, you need to ensure it matches your existing décor. Or you need to be prepared to change your décor to match your new floor.

Scandi homes focus on minimalistic décor with a neutral design. They also incorporate texture through cosy rugs, sofa throws, and cushions. The space should be bright, open, and clutter-free. Simply placing a Scandi floor into the home isn’t enough. So, look at your existing décor and make any changes needed before investing in a Scandi floor.

4. Eco friendly

Finally, Scandi floors are always eco-friendly. This means you’ll want to shop for floors that have been sustainably sourced. Engineered wood floors are a great eco-friendly choice as they use fewer core materials. Many brands now also focus on sourcing their wood from sustainable forests. 

These are the top 4 things to look for when choosing Scandi flooring. The key is to focus on light natural wood, or wood effect floors. Creating the look is a lot simpler than you might think. You can find affordable Scandi style floors through Stories Flooring, sold at up to 65% off RRP. 

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