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5 Best Job Perks for Your Employees

ByDave Stopher

Jun 25, 2024

5 Best Job Perks for Your Employees

Employee benefits are great ways to boost morale for any team.

No matter the industry or niche, teams perform better when they feel motivated and supported. And while fostering a healthy working culture is foundational, offering perks makes a noticeable difference. Below, we’ve covered some of the different types of incentives and the best ways to implement them in any workplace.

  • Company discount

If your business is in the retail market, offering a decent employee discount is a strong incentive for new and existing team members. These encourage more investment into your business and help to create a workforce that’s more engaged with your brand. Additionally, you could offer discounts at popular gyms, stores and cinemas.

Alternatively, instead of a permanent discount card, you could offer in-store vouchers to your team. Just remember that if you offer your team any cash-based or redeemable perks, you’ll need to report your employee incentives to HMRC.

  • Regular socials

Whether it’s drinks after work or a monthly team meal in a different restaurant, encouraging your employees to spend downtime together could help to build stronger working relationships. Productivity stems from trust and confidence, so it’s worth helping your employees to enjoy spending time with one another.

One study by the University of Oxford found that happy workers are 13% more productive. It means that giving opportunities for your team to relax outside of the office could pay dividends when your team gets back to work.

  • Time off for birthdays

Employees deserve to celebrate special occasions! Awarding your staff the flexibility to take at least half a day off for their birthday is a perk that’s always appreciated. If your workplace offers some flexibility when it comes to scheduling, it’s easy to keep your team supported despite birthday absences.

While you organise and rearrange resources, your employee can celebrate their birthday in the way that feels right for them. Whether that’s spending time with loved ones or exploring a new place, it’s guaranteed to be more memorable than spending the day at work!

  • Comprehensive support

Where budget allows, healthcare cover for your team is worth providing. 

From health and dental cover to life insurance, contributing to or covering these policies gives employees peace of mind that they have your support. In the event of acute illness or a life-altering diagnosis, healthcare cover from a workplace can turn into a lifeline. In that way, its value to an employee can be compared to the value of shop insurance to a business – as you’ll know, having peace of mind that protections are in place should the unexpected occur helps you reach your full potential.

  • Wellbeing incentives

Lastly, proactively supporting health and safety demonstrates a commitment to your team. Running programmes or offers for your employees, which may be offered according to loyalty or tenure, could be a brilliant way to encourage personal development and future progression.

Letting your team know that you care shouldn’t be seen as a perk. But there are ways to build on your holistic approach that keep your team motivated and foster that all-important trust between you and them.