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5 Easy Ways to Fold Menstrual Cup for the Perfect Seal

ByDave Stopher

Apr 13, 2021

Menstruation is an integral part of every woman’s life. When a young woman’s menstrual cycle begins, there are a number of lifestyle changes they have to go through. With the new physiological and hormonal changes, there are a number of companies that specialize in menstrual hygiene products. These products range from sanitary pads, menstrual cups, tampons, and the associated items that a woman needs to keep them comfortable.

The most popular sanitary product that a woman uses is sanitary pads. However, as everyone is becoming more aware of the environment, there is a shift towards more sustainable products for everyday use. One of the most important shifts has been the rising use of menstrual cups by women. The use of menstrual cups in Australia has been a growing trend in the past decade and here, we share some of the simplest steps for any woman who is planning to use the cup.

What is the cup and how to use it?

A menstrual cup is a small bell-shaped menstrual hygiene product that is inserted into a vagina. During a menstrual cycle, a woman inserts the cup into her vagina that collects the blood in cycles. The cup can then be taken out, cleaned, and reinserted again for the next few hours.

The greatest advantage of a menstrual cup is that it is reusable and can be used for 5-7 years, making it a very economical and eco-friendly product to use.

When a menstrual cup is inserted, it creates a vacuum with the vaginal wall that keeps it in place. Since the cup is made of flexible medical silicon, there are certain folds that make it easy – mainly for new users – to insert.

Now, let us see the 5 easiest folds which are suitable for a new user.

  1. The C-Fold/U-Fold
    One of the simplest and most popular folds to be used in a menstrual cup. The steps involved are:
  • Hold the cup just under the rim
  • Push the sides to flatten the mouth of the cup
  • Fold from either side and make it in the shape of a C/U
  1. The Punch-down Fold

This is a fold where the mouth of the cup is narrowed making it very easy to insert from one side. In order to insert the cup:

  • Hold the cup at the base; above the stem (maybe absent in some, but it indicates the bottom of the cup)
  • Take one side of the cup and press it right down to the base
  • The other flattened side will hold the cup in place when it is being inserted
  1. The 7-Fold

Something similar to the C-down fold is another fold that helps for the cup to be inserted with a narrow mouth. This fold helps release easily when it is inserted. To use this fold:

  • Hold the cup underneath the rim
  • Push on either side to flatten the cup and push down to the stem
  • Folding one side down should make it in the shape of the number ‘7’
  1. The S-Fold:

Very similar to the 7-Fold, it is basically repeating one fold after the other to make the surface area less before inserting the cup. This can be a tricky fold to do, but with some practice, it can become a very easy fold.

To use this fold:

  • Hold the cup just beneath the rim
  • Push the sides together to flatten the cup completely
  • Push one corner away and the other one towards, in order to make it into a tiny shape of the letter ‘S’
  1. The Origami Fold:

This is one of the simpler folds and almost similar to the Punch-down fold. It makes the seal very easy while inserting.
To use this fold:

  • Use one finger to push the rim down to the base
  • The other side of the rim has to go halfway inside the cup
  • Take the free corner of the cup and fold it downwards to have a closed mouth of the cup

The Smarter Choice

It is high time that everyone makes their choices based on how their actions will affect the climate. When people all over the world are using synthetic pads and disposing of them in thousands, it has a very big impact on the environment. But with the increased use of menstrual cups, it shows a greater number of people are thinking about sustainable living. Once the switch is made, there is indeed no going back. And it will be the most positive switch ever made