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5 tips on how to generate business sales leads

ByDave Stopher

Jul 29, 2018 #Business, #SEO

Leads are the backbone of a business as they help generate sales. Of course, it’s not always that a lead ends up with a sale; however, it is true that each sale stems from a lead. This is why you should know how to trigger business sales leads for your company. If you need help, here are 5 tips on how to generate sales leads that can boost your firm’s lead flow. 

  1. SEO and local promotion

Work at making your website easily found on Google by investing in optimization of your website with the assistance of an SEO specialist. Strive to become a leader in your space using blogs and other interactive tools which make your website visitors become loyal readers. Utilising social media channels can also help improve your online exposure by generating more brand and product awareness. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of your website being searched for or visited online. Registering your business premises with Google local helps further promote your website as it makes your business more appealing and available to locals. Local customers can also be willing to pay more for things available locally as they can see and try it before buying. 

  1. Buying leads from reputed suppliers

Developing campaigns to generate leads takes time and effort to materialize. This is when buying business leads from a reputable leads supplier can help give your firm a jumpstart. Ensure to buy leads from a known and trustworthy source that fits your customer profile, and are people who will require your products or services one day. Simple research can be conducted online on reputable sites, such as this example here for Dr Len Schwartz who runs Pro2Pro – a leads generation company. Remember, not all leads are equal, and not all will lead to sales. While contact names and inquiries are not bad, they require more marketing effort on your part. This is why you need to know what you get when you buy leads or pay someone to generate leads. 

  1. Prove your expertise

Many platforms like Salesforce, Google Adwords and Analytics and Hubspot offer certification programs. Use them to add value and reputability to your business. It’s even better if it’s mentioned that the various programs recognize and recommend you as an expert. People trust and believe to buy from experts, which is how your expertise helps generate more sales. 

  1. Business development

Developing your business is an effective means of generating sales leads as it gives you instant recognition. Do this by adding clients, and providing more services to customers which in turn gives you more prospective customers to choose from.  It’s also worth partnering with other complementary businesses because it offers your customers a bigger and irresistible package. This gives customers added savings and generates revenue and better relationships between you and your partner. 

  1. Emphasis on lead capture

Your website should not only be informative but also function as a lead capture machine. Do this by making your website easy-to-use and by filling it with simple forms asking relevant information from potential leads and relevant Calls to Action.  They help bring potential leads to you which you can refer to and use later on to your benefit. Also, have a referral program asking for referrals from happy customers as these referrals can end up as potential leads and customers. 

These are 5 helpful means of generating leads for your business. Try implementing at least one or two of them and you should see a marked increase in the number of leads generated for your company.