Selecting the right type of roofing can be tricky if you’re not equipped with some knowledge. It is a substantial investment; therefore, you need to get it right. A few basic steps can assist you with deciding on the type of roofing that will withstand the elements, look great and will hopefully last for years to come.


First, your budget must be determined. Not all roofs are the same, neither is the purchasing cost. Asphalt, composite shingles or fiberglass are durable, inexpensive and easy to install and maintain. Wood shakes are another affordable and attractive choice; however, they need more upkeep and may not be the appropriate style. High-end materials like slate, clay and tile are expensive choices, but the long lifespan and low maintenance makes it worth the investment. You can also visit for better information.

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The Style Of Your Home

You can significantly improve your curb appeal by choosing an architectural style and color that looks amazing. Coastal homes often have vivid colors like blue or red. Clay tile on the other hand, is an excellent choice for Spanish-style homes. Just check the guidelines before making a choice if you’re part of a community organization.

Eco-Friendly Choices

Green roofs are an excellent choice for roof replacement, since they can be bought in pre-grown modules and trays that makes installation easier. Green roofs offer energy savings, generate life-giving oxygen, and discard excess CO2 from the air.

Shingle Color

Selecting a new shingle color is an excellent way of brightening the exterior of your home. There are various color choices to consider. Grey and blue houses look best with dark grey or black and the same goes for white houses. A combination of brown and cream or brown shingles are ideal for homes that are brown, tan or cream in color.

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Consider The Weather

The weather conditions in the area you reside is usually an essential factor when selecting new roofing. Slate, terra cotta, clay and concrete tiles are good choices if you’re looking to keep your house cool, however, the weight and costs might be a concern. Flat white ceramic tiles, or composite materials can reflect up to about seventy-seven percent of sunrays and lower your AC costs substantially. White metal roofs are another great choice for keeping your home cool. The cost is usually higher than other standard roof materials, however you have the benefit of durability, low maintenance and energy savings. If the area you stay in is prone to harsh winds, pounding rain, heavy snowfall, hail, etc., you must consider a roofing type that can withstand such conditions.

Metal roofing is popular in regions that are susceptible to heavy snowfall since it permits ice and snow to slide off. It can also save you on energy bills for heating if it is appropriately insulated. Metal and heavy-duty shingles are also ideal for areas with high winds. Concrete is a better choice for areas with heavy rains. Just ensure that your home can take the weight since these tiles are much heavier than asphalt.