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6 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs to Try CBD Oil

ByDave Stopher

Jul 25, 2020 #dogs, #health

Just as we benefit from supplements, our pets can benefit from a myriad of natural herbs that can aid in pain management, treating anxiety, or generally strengthening their immune system. CBD oil, especially has been proven to treat countless medical conditions in canines, including arthritis, tumors, and psychological conditions. Here are six reasons why your dog needs to try CBD oil.

Treats Anxiety

Many canines endure severe anxiety after experiencing a sudden change of environment or the death of an owner. Just as humans experience emotional trauma and may require medications for mental complications, dogs can benefit from CBD oil as a natural remedy to treat depression as well as separation anxiety. These conditions may also be accompanied by panic disorders or PTSD, which the CBD in hemp oil can immediately treat. Use as prescribed by your vet, and only discontinue when your vet gives you the green light to do so.

May Treat Tumors

There’s nothing more heart wrenching than hearing the news that your dog has developed a tumor. Animals, too, can develop cancer, and they may require chemotherapy in the later stages. However, if your pet is still at the early stages of cancer, CBD oil can be prescribed for both pain management, and as a natural treatment to eliminate cancer-causing free radicals. Anecdotal evidence suggests that hemp oil alone can be a sufficient treatment to reduce the size of tumors and eventually cure the animal completely.

Helps Your Pet Age Well

Your dog doesn’t have to have a tragic medical condition for you to feed it CBD oil. As previously mentioned, CBD is a natural supplement that works better as a preventive measure than it does as a treatment. By supplementing your canine’s diet with CBD, you’ll notice that your dog is overall calmer, healthier, and much less likely to be infected by common canine diseases. And because it works to reduce free-radicals, it’s a natural anti-aging supplement that helps your dog age gracefully.

Manages Pain

If your dog suffers any medical condition or disability that makes it painful for it to move, CBD oil is an ideal safe treatment for pain management. As your dog grows older, you may notice that it naturally becomes less active, seeing as your dog’s joints get weaker and it becomes uncomfortable to run or play. CBD oil is a great natural anti-inflammatory treatment that reduces irritation in the muscles, joints, and the whole body.

Manages Seizures

If your dog frequently suffers seizures or epilepsy, a great way to lessen them is to add CBD oil to your dog’s diet. CBD oil works as effectively on dogs as it does on humans, namely children. As seen in this article, studies show a whopping 84 percent decrease in seizures in a period of four to five months. You should never treat this condition with drugs such as potassium bromide, seeing as they can be extremely harmful to your dog’s liver and other organs. To see results, make sure that you speak to your vet about how often and how consistently your dog needs to consume CBD oil. However, it’s difficult to overdose on it, so there’s no need for you to be alarmed if you add the oil in your dog’s meals profusely.

Treats Chronic Inflammation

If your dog suffers many allergies or if it has an autoimmune disease, you should never leave it untreated. However, because traditional medications can alter your dog’s appetite and can harm your pet’s organs in the long run, it’s best to use natural treatments like CBD oil to reduce inflammation. CBD in hemp oil naturally hinders the production of cytokines, which cause or trigger allergies and autoimmune health conditions. Research suggests that CBD oil is even more effective than vitamin C when it comes to controlling inflammation and its dire consequences. On the other hand, it can also be used if your dog displays symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases, seeing as CBD oil also has antibiotic properties.

CBD oil is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory alternative medicine that can manage as well as treat countless medical conditions that dogs may suffer.  Everything from severe separation anxiety and depression, to early-stage tumors, chronic inflammation, and seizures can be managed with CBD oil. Before you prescribe your dog any supplements, it’s best to consult your vet before proceeding to see what works best for your dog’s condition. If your dog suffers a tumor in the later stages, it’s best to use CBD oil alongside other treatments that your vet prescribes.