Are you looking for the best alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac? If so, we are here to give you the top 7 alternatives to Notepad++.

From free applications to paid ones, keep reading below to see what our top choices are.

  1. Atom

For most Atom is the only replacement for Notepad++ for Mac. Atom is an open-sourced software that is completely free.

It has a modern look and is very approachable. It’s a very powerful text editing software and that’s not surprising since it’s developed by the GitHub team. Atom is very customizable which may be the best thing about it.

Almost anything about the application can be changed to better suit your needs. There is a number of different themes that can be installed to change the application’s look and feel.

Atom is built on JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Node.js integration and also runs on Electron. Even though this application is rich with features, you can also install any number of its open-sourced packages to add new features and to make it more functional.

  1. Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3 is very popular and people usually recommend it as an alternative to Notepad++. This is because it is one of the most respectable alternatives that Mac has to offer.

It has a lot of features such as syntax highlighting and folding, an easy to navigate interface, powerful API, a high level of customizability, multiple selections, and package ecosystem. These are only a few of the many features that this application provides.

The only downside to this application is its price tag. The full version is $80 and will give you access to everything this powerhouse has to offer.

The best feature by far on the Sublime Text 3 is the Goto Anything feature. This feature can be activated by hotkeys and allows you to jump to any line or symbol in a matter of seconds.

  1. UltraEdit

UltraEdit is an application that claims to be the world’s best text editor. Some may dispute this claim, but they can’t lie and say that it’s horrible.

This program supports different languages such as Python, XML, Perl, PHP, Javascript, C, and Objective C. It also has features such as code highlighting, disk-based text editing, folding, support for retina display, theming, spell checking, drag-and-drop editing, and block mode editing.

UltraEdit will cost you close to $100 but will give you the option of buying other Ultra applications that will plug into UltraEdit to make it really powerful.

  1. Brackets

Brackets is another free text editor that is pretty amazing for its price point. It mainly focuses on web design and therefore is a great option for front-end developers and even some web designers.

Brackets is designed by Adobe and is an open-source project that is supported by an active and passionate community. It has a feature known as Live Preview that lets you see any changes that are being made to your code in real-time. This is a great feature for those who work on a team and like to see the “track changes” of the code.

  1. BBEdit 12

BBEdit 12 is one of the older applications on our list. Due to its age, it’s a pretty popular text editor, after all, it’s been around since 1992.

Since this application has been on the market, it’s known as one of the best HTML and text editors because of this experience. It offers simple text editing and rich HTML editing.

It’s also packed with features such as built-in tools text manipulations, Hard Wrap, and a complete set of HTML tools that will make writing faster, easier, and even help you clean it up. This application is available in different languages which makes it very versatile.

  1. Textastic

Textastic is a cheap yet powerful text editing tool for your Mac. Textastic is the cheapest paid text editor on the App Store and is made exclusively for Macs.

This application supports more than 80 source code and markup languages. It also has auto-completion support for HTML, JavaScript, PHP, C, Objective C, and CSS. Since Textastic uses the native macOS APIs such as Core Text, it’s pretty fast.

  1. Coda 2

Coda 2 is a text editor that is a hardcore tool for any and all web developers that are out there. The best part about Coda 2 is that it has all the unusual features of a text editor and it’s specifically designed for web developers.

These unusual features include project-wide autocomplete, code folding, syntax highlighting for tons of languages, indentation guides, find and replace, fast commenting and shifting of code, and automatic tag closing. This is a lot but that isn’t even all of what this application provides.

It also has a deeply integrated file management. Developers can open local files and edit remotely on Amazon S3, FTP, WebDAV, or SFTP servers which makes this application perfect for developers on the go.

If Coda 2 doesn’t already sound heavenly, we have to throw in the fact that there’s also a built-in WebKit Preview. Coda 2 will cost you around $100, but if you’re a freelance web editor then this is a must-have in your toolbox.

Now You Know What the Best Alternatives for Notepad++ for Mac Are

We have given you a list of the top 7 Notepad++ for mac alternatives that are on the App Store. From applications that are free to paid ones that offer powerful tools, you’re sure to find the best alternative for your text editing needs.

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