Your child is far more vulnerable to the heat than you are. Your baby is also less able to cope with the heat. In a worst-case scenario, your child could pass out from the heat and you think they’re taking a nap. This is why you must both constantly monitor your child and take proactive steps to keep your child cool.

  1. Sun Shades

There is a 50-50 chance your child’s stroller already has a sun shade. If it does, you may still want to upgrade to a better one. The best sun shades give your child protection from the sun without limiting airflow or access to your child. The best sun shades will also offer some protection from the rain.

  1. A Rechargeable Fan

Little child-safe rechargeable fans are one of the best ways to keep your baby cool. A small child-friendly fan can keep your child cool in the stroller. This has the added benefit of preventing skin rashes and heavy sweating that dehydrate them faster. You can use a stroller fan or child-safe portable fan to keep them cool in their car seat or crib, too.

We recommend reviewing the lists of top rechargeable fans at to find one that works for your family. Rechargeable fans allow you to keep your child cool without having to carry replacement batteries.

  1. Insulated Drink Containers

Your child needs liquids. When it is hot outside, giving them chilled drinks will help keep them cool. This is why insulated sippy cups and water bottles can be a literal life saver. Ideally, you keep the beverage in a fridge until you go for a walk. If not, you will want to add ice and cold juice to the insulated bottle or sippy cup to keep it cool. A side benefit of insulated bottles or sippy cups is that they’ll keep cold much longer, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the formula is safe for the baby to drink.

  1. Sun Hats

Standard hats trap in body heat. Sun hats are designed to shade the head while letting body heat escape. Sun hats often have a brim that acts as a source of shade for your child’s face. And it will work with a child that is too young to put on sunglasses to reduce glare.

  1. Misters

Misters allow you to spray a light mist on or around your child. The evaporation will help cool down the immediate area. Misters may be combined with fans or even built into them. Misters aren’t higher on our list because they have their limits. For example, a fan will cool off your child even if the humidity is high, while a mister won’t help. Too much mist will end up leaving your child wet and uncomfortable. It is hard to overdo it with a portable fan.

  1. Light, Open Clothing

There’s a reason we often put little girls in sun dresses when the temperatures rise. The open air around the legs helps them keep cool. Little boys can wear shorts and relatively open shirts. Just make sure to protect them from sunburn. If you put them in long sleeves and long pants to protect from insects and sunburn, make sure the cloth is light and airy.

  1. An Ice Pack

Ice packs can be a viable way to keep your child cool, if they’re used right. For example, your baby shouldn’t sit directly on a still-frozen ice pack. You’ll create skin burns due to the cold that way. If you need to use such an item, wrap it in a blanket or a towel first. Or use child-safe boo boo packs that have been in the freezer. These won’t cause problems if your child chews on it. As a side benefit, they can be cooled down by laying them on top of a frozen ice pack.


Parents must take care of their children. Whether it is a hot spring day or an average, blistering summer heat wave, you must take steps to keep your young children cool.