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9 Physical Security Measures to Keep Your Business Secure in 2021

Are you worried about keeping your business physically safe and secure this year?

If not, you should be.

Although the onus in recent years has very much been focused on cybercrime and the devastating effect it can have on UK businesses, you must not forget that your company is also at risk of other security breaches such as intruders and vandals.

Whether you operate from a small office or have several buildings that you are responsible for, you need to make sure that your business is protected from physical threats as well as virtual ones.

Fortunately, if your physical security measures have become more than a little lax in recent months (or even years), it is never too late to fight back.

From the latest in security practices to the state-of-the-art smart security technologies, keep reading to discover the top nine physical security measures that you need to adopt to keep your business secure in 2021 and beyond.

1.    Carry out a risk assessment

Before you start investing in new security equipment, you first need to carry out a security and risk assessment so that you can identify your business’ security needs and potential security risks.

You can undertake this task yourself, or for a more thorough evaluation, enlist the services of an experienced security professional who will be able to carry out a comprehensive security and risk assessment on your behalf.

Aim to assess your overall security measures annually to discover any emerging issues or areas where improvement is needed.

2.    Implement access control

Access control is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to keep your business secure, as it makes sure that only the people you want to enter your premises are able to.

Whether you choose to use more traditional and simple access cards or you want to go a bit more high tech and pick one of the biometric entry options, access control is crucial for keeping your business safe from unwanted visitors.

3.    Protect your post

Do you struggle to keep tabs on all your deliveries? Are you 100% sure that you receive all the letters and parcels that you are sent? If not, you are not alone. With an increasing number of businesses currently relying on online suppliers, there have never been more letters, parcels, and packages being delivered to UK companies.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you are taking adequate security measures to protect your post. One of the most effective ways to do this is by investing in a smart parcel box. Becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and businesses alike, smart parcel boxes from iLoveParcels guarantee the safety of your parcels, as well as keeping them protected from the less than favourable British weather.

Plus, you can choose from several stylish designs to complement the look of your office building.

4.    Check your surveillance

At the very least, you should have some form of CCTV that will act as a strong deterrent against burglars and vandals. When installing your security cameras, you need to make sure that they are covering your most vulnerable areas, such as any entrances and exits, as well as less apparent routes of entry. It is also essential to check that your cameras are not being obstructed by external objects such as tree branches.

If you want to step up your surveillance game, then you might want to consider hiring a professional security company that will supply you with round-the-clock surveillance. Although be warned, this can be expensive.

5.    Train your staff

Vigilant staff can be invaluable in helping to protect your business from criminals, both cyber and physical ones. Therefore, it can be a good idea, and a cost-effective one, to ensure that all your employees receive training in recognizing suspicious activity, the importance of being vigilant, and how to report anything unusual that they witness.

If you have security staff protecting your building, make sure that they support your employees in their efforts to be vigilant.

6.    Add exterior lights

Your business is most at risk of theft and vandalism at night, and therefore, it make sense to ensure your security measures are geared towards this time of the day. Another simple yet highly effective physical security measure is the installation of exterior lights. Acting as a strong deterrent, no one wants to feel as though they are being watched when they are up to no good.

Choose between automatic exterior lights or motion-sensing lights, both of which will illuminate your property when anyone enters the perimeters of your building.

7.    Use environmental deterrents

A slightly more old school approach but a valuable one nonetheless, setting up environmental deterrents such as high fences and good sight-lines can help to stop crimes before they occur.

These types of security measures are particularly useful for businesses that have large open spaces such as industrial parks or colleges.

8.    Manage visitors

While you will want to make sure any visitors to your business are greeted in a professional and welcoming way, you do also need to bear in mind the possible security threats to your business.

The easiest way to do this is by using a digital-based visitor management solution that provides real-time visitor verification and tracking. Investing in this technology will ensure your business and your employees remain safe from outside threats at all times.

9.    Create an emergency plan

Although you may not want to, considering worst-case scenarios and planning accordingly should be a crucial part of your overall security strategy. Your emergency plan should include:

  • Who is responsible for activating the emergency notification system?
  • Where should staff and visitors go upon evacuation?
  • What steps needs to be taken during an emergency situation?

Every single employee should be aware of what to do in an emergency, from high-end management to the evening cleaning staff.


Creating and implementing an effective security strategy takes time and effort. That being said, as a business, you owe it to your employees and any visitors that you welcome to ensure that your building is physically protected at all times.

Whether you choose to enlist the services of a professional security company or you would prefer to keep costs down by doing it yourself, by following the above top security practices, you will dramatically reduce the risk of your business being exposed to theft, vandalism, or worse.

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