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A Few Wealth Creation Practices for Entrepreneurs and Employees


Mar 24, 2023

Everyone, including creators, entrepreneurs, and employees, can have a few thousand dollars that they can put to some good use to grow their retirement savings, but they somehow overlook them. Are you also doing the same? Let’s figure out what you can do to make more than what you earn, regardless of your source of income.

Wealth-building ideas for business owners and creators

Financial experts believe three things can make a difference. Suppose your lifestyle business generates more than USD $100k annually. You can turn your entity into an S-corp to save huge tax money. LLC will not benefit much. Startup guys can opt for C-corp as they can enjoy tax benefits of up to USD $10 million when they sell their businesses. Another area of focus can be business expenses. People often need to learn that many business expenses can be tax-deductible. Think of the home office, for instance. If you operate from home, you can still save tax on your income, showing a small share of rental expenses. Besides this, most entrepreneurs ignore retirement planning to focus more on their business growth at this stage. But it can never be a back-burner thing.

No matter what stage of business, you should treat your retirement savings goals equally. One of the best plans can be a solo 401k for small business owners. It allows you to enjoy a tax deduction of up to USD $66K. You can also invest in multiple asset classes. For details, you can look up solo401k.com.

Wealth creation ideas for employees

If you belong to the W2 income group, you must do some activities to optimize your earnings. The finance gurus say that sitting on piles of cash is not good because of the sustainability issue in the long run. You can open Roth accounts that allow tax-free withdrawals during retirement. Increase your contribution to an employer-sponsored 401K plan. At the same time, you can invest in real estate to save your tax. Buy a rental property, divide the cost of the property by roof, heating and conditioning systems, and more based on their lifespan. Check parts that can live only 15 years or less. You can separate 80% of those costs from the income while paying your tax.

Imagine you spend one million US dollars on an investment property. With a proper tax deduction strategy, you can easily save around USD $250 000. However, USD $250k is the limit for passive income streams.

Financial planning has to be an integral part of your life – the earlier you start, the better it is. Still, many people don’t care enough about this. As a result, their stress and concerns keep adding as they age. They don’t realize their mistakes when everything goes smoothly, and they make reasonable sums from their profession or business. The reality hits hard once sudden expenses emerge or they fear losing their money. It applies to both employees and entrepreneurs. Please understand that saving and growing money is essential to make your life easy in the future. In the late years of your life, your active income can vanish or be less. If you save from now, your retirement age will feel secure.

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