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A look Into Perodua’s Latest Highlights: Aruz and Bezza


Nov 10, 2020

Perodua recently broke one of their largest milestones. It closed October with just over 26,852 sales, marking their best month ever since their inception over two decades ago.

To celebrate the occasion, we’re going through two of the reasons they got there: the Aruz and Bizza.

These two cars should be in anyone’s sights thanks to all of the features they bring to the table, and if you’re thinking about getting a car, you might want to check them out.

Perodua Aruz

We will take a look at the top two Perodua choices for you this year, and what you can expect from each. Whether it be the design or on-road performance, every little thing matters when it comes to a car. So, does the Perodua Aruz fulfil the requirements? Let’s find out.


The Aruz looks quite similar to Toyoat’s rush. The main differences are the front and rear bumpers, grill, and wheels. The body kit is also noticeably different. All Aruz variants have LED head and tail lights, with the 1.5 AV getting automatic headlights and fog lights. The wheels are 17” for both variants.


The dashboard is gray with silver trimming, and all controls are easy to reach. The storage space is solid, but it’s not as practical as Honda’s BR-V. Boot space varies between 213 and 514 liters depending on how you set up the seats.


The most important is the ASA 2.0 system; it sports pedestrian detection and improved pre-collision warning and braking. All Aruz variants have 6 airbags and controls for stability and traction. Comfort features include USB ports, 12V sockets, and anti-snatch hook.


The Aruz has solid acceleration, and the 102 PS/133 Nm engine gives decent power. However, it’s not as powerful as the BR-V. Being automatic, it’s important to note that downshifting has a bit of a delay. However, manoeuvring is easy thanks to light steering and tight turn radius.

Perodua Bezza


The Bezza has a “sportier” look, except for the rear bumpers, which sport fog lamp housing. However, the Gearup add-on is perfect if you wish for a more sporty look on your car. All variants have LED head and tail lights. G variants lack fog lights, whereas X and AV feature halogen fog lamps. The wheels are 15” for all variants except the G, which keeps the 14”.


The dashboard features the most significant interior upgrade. Solid quality plastic and silver trims offer a sophisticated look. Legroom is a lot better than the headroom, but it does show improvements over Perodua’s previous work.  However, the boot space might rival several sedans.


There are only 2 airbags, but it sports both traction control and VSC; the two higher-spec versions also feature brake assist. The AV version also receives the full ASA 2.0 suite. The semi-bucket seats give it a great style, and the car keeps the push-to-start and keyless entry. AV owners also get a more modern multimedia system.


The engine might “run out of breath” with intense driving, but it’s great for daily commutes. It offers a 4-speed gearbox, fully automatic, with smooth changes and solid performance under stress. The light steering is still good enough for highway cruising, and it’s quite calm and steady.

Depending on your needs, you may choose either of the models. However, we like the Aruz better with its decent power and automatic gear, though the Bezza’s sporty look deserves a mention too.

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