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Am I Ready for a Dog? 4 Top Signs Your Ready for a Fur Baby

ByDave Stopher

Sep 1, 2020 #pets

Dogs are some of the cutest, friendliest, and most lovable animals on the planet. It’s no surprise that 63.4 million households in the US have at least one pet pooch in the house!

Nevertheless, the decision to get one isn’t always easy. After all, bringing a brand new puppy into the home is a big commitment and an almighty responsibility. Are you asking yourself: “Am I ready for a dog”?

Well, keep reading to discover 4 signs that the answer’s a resounding ‘YES’.

1. You Have the Time, Money, and Will

The first thing to think about here is practicality. As any dog owner knows, looking after a new pup can be hard work! You have to train them, play with them, provide for them, take them for walks, feed them, and provide them with endless attention.

It’s vital that you a) know what you’re getting into, and b) have the time, financial means, and actual desire to do it all. Assuming that you’re sorted in both regards, you can go ahead and get a dog in far greater confidence.

2. Everybody’s on Board

The decision to purchase a puppy should never be made alone! Remember, getting a pet affects everybody in the household, which means everyone should be part of the discussion.

Make sure that each person is happy with the decision, aware of the responsibilities involved, and willing to help out with them. You’ll all be on the same page from the outset, which should make the process of looking after the dog more straight-forward.

3. You’re in the Know

Getting a dog for the first time can be a steep learning curve. You start off with no idea what they need to eat, which vaccinations they need, how to potty train them, and so on.

That’s why it’s important to do some research beforehand. It pays to go into the process with (at least) a basic understanding of what’s ahead. Investigate general points about looking after a new dog and specifics for the particular breed you want to buy.

Having the understanding is sure to make you feel more confident and capable when they arrive at your home! If you’re already at that point, then you might be ready to get a new pooch…

4. The House Is Sorted

Be aware: puppies love nothing more than chewing through anything they can get their paws on.

Keep that in mind as you consider bringing one into the home. Without preventative action, those designer shoes, swanky furnishings, and expensive bits of tech could all meet an untimely end! Aside from preparing yourself mentally for such destruction, putting everything away, installing baby gates, and protecting valuables will all make a practical difference.

Am I Ready for a Dog? Now You Know!

Have you been asking yourself ‘am I ready for a dog’? Well, we’re not surprised. After all, there’s nothing better than having a hound in the house, but they’re a definite commitment too.

With any luck, though, this post has helped you find an answer to the question. Keep the ideas in mind and you’ll be one step closer to knowing if you’re ready to get a puppy.

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