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Anyone can Run!

anyone can run - Leanne ToddMum of two, Leanne Todd 9 (pictured), is proof that anyone can run!

Six months ago the 35 year old had never run in her life – now she has completed her first 10k thanks to joining a local community running group in Thirsk! And she is looking forward to more challenges.

Thirsk Community Running Group is led by Malcolm Aitken, who is part of the team that attended training sponsored by Hambleton District Council eight months ago. The team now each have a Leadership in Running Fitness qualification, which enables them to lead community running groups.

“I lead a very busy life,” said Leanne “In addition to looking after the boys, I travel to work and run my own caravan and camping business. I never thought that I had the time to fit in exercise, but the running group was a perfect opportunity to get me started.

“Everyone was so welcoming, friendly and supportive. I love the freedom that running gives me as it enables me to fit in regular exercise around my busy work and home life, and it’s free.”

She began attending parkruns before moving on to her first 10k race – The Pendragon Northallerton 10k. Now she runs three times a week and keeps tab on her progress using a mobile app.

“I would urge anyone who is thinking of giving running a try to come along to one of their local running groups, they’re great fun,” she added.

For more information on Hambleton Running Hub initiatives contact; David Earl on 01609 767202 or;

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