Avid Games today launched a visual redesign to its multi award-winning TCG, Cards, The Universe and Everything (CUE), which recently hit one million downloads. The UI and UX focused update increases usability, functionality and new effects to the distinctly unique card collecting, card battling sensation – and paves the way for further updates over the coming months.

CUE is an extraordinary mobile game, featuring facts galore, deep strategy, rich progression, and the chance to collect, trade, craft, fuse and battle an ever-expanding array of cards – with over 2,000 to date. Players can become armchair experts in almost everything: from the fantastic to the mythic, (via the comically banal and the thought-provoking mundane). 

In CUE, players really can battle anything against everything – sharks, astronauts, Norse mythology, planets, amphibians, Egyptian gods, monkeys, inventors, butterflies, rockets and Arthurian legends are just a few of the collections in this entertaining and somewhat preposterous TCG.

Players collect cards, build decks and then duke it out across the world in a strategic, turn-based combat card game, using card synergies, a huge range of abilities, and some frankly ridiculous combos.

Cards, the Universe and Everything (CUE) is available to download now for iOS and Android devices.

For more information please visit the official CUE site.