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Axel Disasi: Is he a good fit for Newcastle United

Axel Disasi: Is he a good fit for Newcastle United?

As Newcastle United looks to strengthen its defense, one name that has been widely linked with the club is that of Axel Disasi. The 23-year-old Reims center-back has been turning heads in Ligue 1 with his commanding presence and outstanding defensive abilities. In this article, we will analyze whether Disasi would be a good fit for Newcastle United and what he could bring to the team.

Disasi began his professional career with Stade Reims in 2016 and has since established himself as a key player for the French club. Standing at an imposing 6 feet 3 inches tall, Disasi possesses excellent aerial ability, making him a threat in both boxes. His strength and physicality allow him to dominate opposition attackers and win duels both on the ground and in the air. These attributes make him an ideal candidate for teams that emphasize a strong defensive line.

One aspect that makes Disasi an attractive option for Newcastle is his versatility. While primarily a center-back, he is also capable of playing as a right-back, giving the team more tactical flexibility. In a league as physically demanding as the Premier League, having players who can adapt to different positions can be crucial, especially for clubs with limited squad depth. Disasi’s ability to seamlessly transition between center-back and right-back would provide Newcastle with an added layer of defensive stability and depth.

Another major strength of Disasi is his composure and decision-making on the field. Despite his young age, he displays a level of maturity that belies his experience. Disasi rarely panics under pressure and has a knack for making the right decisions in difficult situations. His calmness under duress allows him to efficiently distribute the ball, initiating attacking moves from the back. This ability to start attacks from deep positions is something that Newcastle United could greatly benefit from, especially given their recent struggles in creating chances.

However, it is important to consider the potential challenges Disasi might face if he were to make the move to Newcastle United. One such challenge is the adaptation process to a new league and a different style of play. While he has thrived in Ligue 1, the Premier League is known for its physicality and intense pace. Disasi would need time to adjust and acclimate himself to the demands of English football. Nevertheless, his natural strength and athleticism should aid in his transition, and with the right guidance, he has the potential to become a top-class defender in England.

Another factor that needs to be taken into account is the competition for Disasi’s services. Several other clubs have shown interest in the young defender, including Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal. Both clubs have a long-standing tradition of success, and the lure of playing for one of them might be strong for Disasi. The opportunity to play in European competitions, as well as the prospect of working with top-class managers, could tilt the scales in their favor. Newcastle United would need to present a compelling vision and project to convince Disasi to choose them over these more established clubs.

In conclusion, Axel Disasi has the potential to be a valuable addition to Newcastle United’s defensive lineup. His physicality, versatility, composure, and decision-making abilities make him a good fit for a team that is looking to strengthen their backline. However, the Magpies would need to be proactive in their approach and present a strong case to sign Disasi, considering the competition they face from other top Premier League clubs. If they can successfully secure his signature, Disasi could prove to be a key asset in their quest to solidify their defense and push for better results in the seasons to come.

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