Sarah Pittendrigh is riding the crest of an entrepreneurial wave that started from the most extraordinary of backgrounds as a bankrupt, jobless single mum.

As a Director at an events business that was hit hard by the recession, in August 2008 Sarah was faced with making a new start whilst filing for bankruptcy, living as a single mother and surviving on income support.

Whereas lesser people might sit out the storm and wait for easier times to come calling, Sarah faced her challenges head on. Unable to even get a new bank account let alone easily source finance, by January 2009 Sarah had secured grant funding from Business Link and started Simply Bows and Chairs Covers, specialising in luxury table linen, chair décor and chair hire for weddings and events. The business has since expanded to include 10 franchise offices across the UK and is currently recruiting for further expansion.

A highly successful step into farm diversification with the creation of 8 luxury homes on her family farm followed, as well as business recognition in the form of national awards – including winning the Daily Mail NatWest Everywoman Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2015.

Interwoven in this story of success are a myriad of personal hurdles that again would have floored lesser people, including twice being diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma while continuing to build up her business. Now, Sarah is yet again forging a new path on her remarkable business journey, using her business knowledge and life experience to support others achieve their goals.

Sarah is making her extensive entrepreneurial knowledge, business development skills and passion for success available to those who want to take themselves or their business to new levels in 2020. Whether that is helping a business owner hit new heights, supporting people to achieve their sporting goals or coaching people to achieve their full potential, Sarah’s enthusiasm and drive is infectious.

Her background running successful businesses and managing high value projects paired with the innate ability to find that key gap in the marketing or hidden opportunity make Sarah a valuable asset to any project. Her specialisms include rural business support, farm diversification and lifestyle coaching, but the skills that have enabled her to overcome adversity again and again will truly translate to any sphere.