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Beautiful Secret Beaches in Europe You Need to Discover


Aug 11, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic is hopefully coming to an end, which means travel restrictions are slowly getting lifted. Beaches are the perfect vacation spot, especially in Europe, because they combine amazing culture and beautiful nature. Therefore, here are some of the most beautiful, yet secluded beaches in Europe, that you should check out this year.

Lovely Bisevo – perfect for all divers

Bisevo is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, close to a more famous Vis island. However, that doesn’t mean that Bisevo has nothing to offer. On the contrary, this pretty place is known for the gorgeous Blue Cave, which is also a popular tourist spot. But, the island also boasts gorgeous sandy beaches and limestone cliffs, so if you’re a diving enthusiast, then make sure to visit Bisevo, if you ever decide to treat yourself to a vacation in this part of the Adriatic.

Sweet Water Beach – if you value the privacy

Some people prefer to vacation surrounded by friends, while also meeting new people. But, what if you’re more into total privacy and seclusion? Well, in that case, you should absolutely visit Sweet Water Beach on the Greek island of Crete. This beautiful beach isn’t accessible by regular roads, which is why it’s such a hidden gem, adored by true beach lovers who also appreciate privacy. Sweet Water Beach is located at the button of a cliff and is characterized by pebbles and nearby spring water pools. Therefore, if you want to get away from other tourists, then check out this lovely beach, to enjoy some quality peace and solitude.

Val Maro Family, Rabac, Istria – perfect for both families and singles

Istria is one of the most beautiful regions in Croatia, that offers the best of both worlds: Italian charm and Croatian resilience. Val Maro Family Beach is located in Rabac, on the east coast of Istria, and it’s a perfect location for a family-oriented vacation. The beach itself is abundant with fine sand, white pebbles, aquamarine water and of course, an aqua park suitable for kids and teens. If you prefer to be mobile during the vacation, then feel free to consider the Croatia yachting experience, which allows you to visit multiple places all along the Adriatic coastline. After all, Croatia has so too many beautiful seaside places and gorgeous islands worth your visit, so this solution will surely help you check them all out!

Isola Bella Beach – for all the hedonists

Sicily has so much to offer, so if you’re planning a trip to southern Italy, then don’t forget to visit this iconic island. For those who love Italian glamour, Isola Bella Beach is the right place to visit. It’s quite clean and well-maintained, plus there’s an abundance of amazing restaurants that prepare some of the best dishes from Italian cuisine. If you want a perfect, relaxing vacation experience, filled with unforgettable moments and some fine dining, then Isola Bella will definitely satisfy your appetites.

Porto Santo Beach, Portugal – if you want to romance

Porto Santo Beach is located on Madeira Island in Portugal, also known as the birthplace of the probably best-known Portuguese person – Cristiano Ronaldo. This beach is also very secluded, and stunning, which makes it a perfect spot for some romantic moments with your partner. The location itself is surrounded by nearby luxurious hotels, so if you want to have a couple’s romantic vacation, then visiting Madeira is definitely a great idea. You’ll surely enjoy your time there while hiking, sunbathing, fine dining and of course, reconnecting with your partner.

Formentera, Ibiza, Spain – for all the self-sufficient hippies

Ibiza is known for its wild parties and crazy nightlife culture, especially during the 1990s. But did you know that Formentera, its nearby sister island, also offers some space for chilling out and peace? That’s right, Formentera beach is that type of place, and to make things even better, it also used to be visited by Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan, back in the golden age of hippie culture. Therefore, if you’re an old soul, who is self-sufficient and prefers solitude, then you will adore Formentera. It also has options for snorkelling, and if you want to admire some gorgeous natural wonders, then you should also visit Cala Saona, a red rocky bay. And once you get bored with peace and quiet, just hop on the ferry, and whisk yourself off to Ibiza, to enjoy some clubbing and partying.


These secret beaches are all beautiful in their own way, so be sure to choose one that you like. The truth is, you’ll have an amazing time, no matter where you go, so feel free to explore these European gems and have fun from dusk till dawn.

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