2020 seems to be an excellent year for quest games. Besides the evolution of cutting-edge features like oculus link and hand tracking, several big titles are set to be unveiled this year.  With the growth in popularity of virtual reality gadgets, several quest games have chosen to stay on top of the game by being available in several immersive formats. Here are 2020’s top quest games you can enjoy.

Half-Life: Alyx

With the weight of high expectations from the fans weighing down on both virtual reality and the Half-Life series, it’s exciting to see what the producers have in store for 2020. The series and it’s sequels have done their best to redefine the first-person shooter game in unique ways, while Valve software has managed to leave the story unfinished for over a decade.

While Alyx isn’t a direct continuation of this series, it brings a beautiful and exciting story taking place five years before the events present in Half-Life 2. Interestingly, you won’t be playing as the protagonist Gordon Freeman, but assume the role of his protagonist in Half-Life 2, Alyx Vance.

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Resident Evil 3

With a strong first impression, the Resident Evil 3 adventure brings some exciting ideas on the table, and they don’t struggle to deliver them. The 2020 remake of this 1999 game puts the intense and volatile conflict between the unrelenting force of nature, the Nemesis, and the protagonist Jill Valentine to display some emotional survival horror moments that this series can offer.

Similar to Resident Evil 2, the new remake of the series interprets this classic survival game through a modern view by altering key events and redesigning locations to suit the revised story. The producers didn’t deviate from the main theme, though it has a robust action-packed view compared to the original release.

Doom Eternal

Nobody thought that the 2016 reboot of Doom would be good enough, let alone bring the fantastic blast of demon-crushing action that it came with. In 2016, the original release managed to create a dumb but brilliant theme that made the game interesting despite having a non-existence story.

For this sequel, the creators had a strong base to work with, managing to expand the game’s scope and jack up the action in every direction. The change creates an impossibly better game that gives the player’s a hilarious delight. As the Doom guy, it’s all on you to save the world where billions have been slaughtered, and nobody is willing to fight alongside you.

The producers managed to ensure that you can take all the abilities acquired in the last release while making previously unlockable features free to access from the start. That means you’re free to start with a shotgun, a chain-saw, or a double-jump.