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Blackie to Support Older People in Northumberland

ByDave Stopher

Jul 7, 2021

Conditioning coach and motivator Steve Black, known as Blackie, has committed volunteer time to help older people in their homes in Northumberland.

As we come out of the pandemic vulnerable and lonely older people are likely to be the forgotten community, and Blackie, who is well known for his work with sporting celebrities, is determined that they get contact and support at this crucial time.

Linking up with Age UK Northumberland, Blackie has been filming videos and creating content to make sure that the older generation stay fit, agile and healthy of mind. Covering subjects from hydration, food, social contact and exercise, he has drawn on his years of experience and what he does to maintain optimum health for his own body and mind.

Filmed at his home in Northumberland, the videos are heart-warming with the intent of sharing the feeling that people do care and there is no need to be lonely or isolated with the advent of digital outreach. And the longer you stay agile and healthy in every way, the easier it is to venture out. Steve, who currently assists businesses to be at their very best by supporting team members with the same motivation through his business Protean Solutions, said:

“It is vital that everyone looks out for our whole community following the last year we have all experienced. It is the older people who live on their own that tend to get left behind or forgotten about, and without organisations like Age UK Northumberland they would truly suffer.

“I am passionate about keeping fit of body and of mind, so anything I can do to make sure that anyone vulnerable is getting the information they need, I will do. It was fun filming the videos and reminded me of many things I need to share with people, so I do hope they help and that clients of Age UK Northumberland enjoy watching them and benefit.”

Amy Whyte, head of charitable services at Age UK Northumberland, said:

“There are over 5000 vulnerable, older people in the immediate vicinity of Northumberland, and we need help reaching out them and ensuring they feel supported. People like Steve Black has so much to share that can help, and it is amazing when they give up their time or donate cash to us. We can’t say thank you enough!

Every service we deliver in the county, we have to raise the funds or the time for through volunteers, so if anyone has a skill or a way to fundraise that they would like us to benefit from, then please do get it touch!”

The videos will be shared in the coming months from the charity’s social media and by carers visiting clients’ homes. They will also be available on the website and any care homes that wish to share them are welcome to.